Practice Guidelines


  1. Swimmers should arrive at the pool about 10 minutes before the start of their practice.

  2. Once at the pool, swimmers should make sure they are ready to go with caps and goggles when the coaches call their group over. Swimmers need to make sure to not distract the coaches before their practice start time so the coaches can focus on the swimmers in the water.

  3. Make sure you have all the required supplies before starting practice – kickboards, etc.


  1. All swimmers must turn their listening ears on and be respectful to all coaches on the pool deck, NO EXCUSES.

  2. There are FOUR simples rules when it comes to practice…        

    1. When the coach is talking…

      1. Head is above water

      2. Hands and feet are still

      3. No talking to others

      4. One hand on the wall


  1. Please keep all body parts to yourself during practice – NO TOUCHING OTHERS.

    1. No hitting

    2. No spitting

    3. No pushing

    4. No pinching

    5. No biting

    6. No grabbing each other’s legs

  2. No sitting on your kickboards – they must be above water at all times.

  3. No stopping or touching the bottom of the pool… complete the entire 25.

  1. Parents are NOT to approach coaches during practice. Instead, parents may talk to coaches before or after practice depending on availability.

  2. Swimmers should be ready to learn, be engaged, and try their hardest each day.


  1. After practice is over, swimmers need to make sure they put away any equipment that was used.

  2. After practice, the coaches will usually talk to the swimmers and give them any important announcements for the upcoming days.

  3. Unless the pool is open to the public, swimmers should be picked up no later than 10 minutes after practice has ended.