Weekly Awards

B Meet Ribbons: At “B” meets, ribbons are awarded 1st through 6th place overall (not just in their heat) and competitor ribbons are given to all other swimmers who compete (even those who have DQ’d).  Generally, ribbons are given at Tuesday practice.

A Meet Ribbons: At “A” meets, ribbons are awarded for first through sixth place.  Note that swimmers who DQ do not get ribbons.

Heat Winner Ribbons:  At home “B” meets, a special ribbon is given to the 8 and under swimmer who wins their heat.  The ribbon is presented to the swimmer immediately following their swim.

Personal Best Ribbons:  Each week, a special winner is awarded to each swimmer who beats their personal best time in any stroke.  The personal best time is defined as the fastest time the swimmer has for that season.

Wildthing of the Week:  A Wildthing tee shirt are awarded to a swimmer who has shown excellent progress or growth in social behavior, e.g. cooperation with coaches and other swimmers, stepping up when asked by a coach to trying something new for the good of the team, completion of sets in practices and/or new skills learned, and generally positive attitude.  The Wildthing of the Week is selected by the coaching staff.


End of Season Awards

Trophies: At our end-of-season banquet, swimmers will receive recognition and an award. Swimmers receive different sized trophies depending on how many points they score at ‘A’ meets during the season.

Iron Wildthing Patch:  Swimmers who swim each stroke legally (without DQing) in a meet (not Time Trials) will receive an Iron Wildthing Patch.  For 6&U swimmers, this includes 25 Free and 25 Back.  Seven and eight year-olds must swim Free, Back, Breast and Fly.  All other swimmers must swim Free, Back, Breast, Fly and IM.

Swim Up Award: Swimmers who swim up (swim in a higher age group) in “A” meets are recognized at the end-of-season banquet with a swim up award.

Record Breaker Patch:  Any swimmer who breaks an individual or relay club record is recognized with a record breaker patch.

Most Improved: Swimmers who have the greatest percentage time improvement will be recognized with the Most Improved award.

Coaches Award: This award will be given to the athletes that the coaches believe best exemplifies a winning attitude. This attitude must be consistently demonstrated throughout the summer and will include the following traits: positive team/group spirit, positive team/group leadership, a positive attitude, a good attendance record, a good work ethic, and great sportsmanship on and off the pool deck. This award is mainly subjective and will be selected at the coach’s discretion.

Wildthing of the Year: This award will be given to one boy and one girl who, over the course of the season, have demonstrated the spirit, sportsmanship, attitude and leadership that best embodies what it means to be a Langley Wildthing.

Sportsmanship Award