Langley Wildthings Coaching Expectations


Being a leader and role model for our swimmers involves great responsibility. We are dedicated to creating a safe, fun, and enjoyable experience for all Wildthing swimmers and parents. The coaches play a central role in making this happen. 

 Described below are the expectations and requirements of the coaches.  These are key elements of your job.   Your performance and end of season bonus will be judged on how well you meet these expectations.  As coaches for the team, our expectations for your conduct are as follows:


Daily Job Performance

  • Arrive at the pool on practice and meet days at least 10 minutes before you instruct the swimmers to arrive.  When you arrive, help prepare / setup for practice or meets.  This includes putting out lane lines, backstroke flags, etc.  Setup and preparation is a part of your job.

  • Come to practice and meets ready to actively coach.

  • Do not sit on the deck during practice or socialize with friends.  You should be actively coaching on deck or in the water.

  • Attendance at all swim team practices and events is mandatory unless you have made arrangements in advance that have been approved by the Head Coach.  Arriving late and/or missing practice or team events will result in docked pay, unless you are ill. 


Swim Meets

  • Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the swim meet to assist in final setup / prep.

  • Unless you are supervising the team area, watch the swimmers’ races and give feedback to swimmers after their races, as directed by the Head Coach.

  • Make sure the team areas are picked up after meets.  Ask swimmers to help out. 

  • At the end of all meets, encourage swimmers to help put the pool area back in order, particularly when we host the meet.  

  • Do not leave the swim meet until it is completed and the pool is in order.  This includes taking down backstroke flags and putting away the lane lines.  Helping with cleanup and take down is a part of your job.


 Pool Safety

  • Wildthing swimmers must always be supervised when they are at practice and in the pool.  Never leave swimmers unattended, even for a minute.  If you need to leave the pool area, you must make sure that another coach is supervising the swimmers.

  • Before the start of any games, such as “Sharks and Minnows”, brief the swimmers on specific safety rules.  For example, no pushing on deck or pushing into the pool.   This briefing should take place whenever there is a game, at the start of the swim season, and as needed during the season.  


Professional Communications and Conduct

  • No swearing or foul language is permitted on deck.   If you hear swimmers using this language, please tell them it is not acceptable.

  • Show your fellow coaches, teammates and peers respect.  Remember you are a role model and a representative of the swim team.  Parents, swimmers, pool board members will be watching you work every day – please act accordingly.

  • Coaches may not use phones, text or email on the pool deck during practice, meet or team events.

  • If you have any concerns, please bring them in a direct, constructive manner to the Head Coach.

  • We expect that all coaches will create and maintain a positive working atmosphere.

  • If parents bring questions or concerns to you, please discuss them with the Head Coach and/or Swim Committee Chair.



  • The Head Coach is the daily manager and supervisor of the coaching staff.  The Head Coach is your boss and should be treated as such. 

  • Act in a leadership/mentoring role to foster young swimmer growth

  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship and strengthen the sense of community among our younger Langley swimmers

  • Act as role model for team spirit and support.  CHEER!


We look forward to having a safe, enjoyable and fun-filled summer swim season with you!   If you have any questions, please let me know. 


Langley Swim Committee