• ​Dual developmental meets between NVSL teams throughout the divisions.
  • ​Held every Monday night from June 13 - July 18
  • ​Meets begin promptly at 6:00 PM and are usually done by 8:30 PM.
  • ​Swimmers may swim 2 individual events; up to 3 if individual medleys (IM) are swum.
  • ​Swimmers are eligible to swim any event in a B Meet except an event for which the swimmer earned a first, second, or third place in the immediately preceding A Meet.
  • NO relays are swum at B Meets.


  • Warm ups begin at 5:00 PM for the home team and 5:30 PM for the visiting team.
  • ​Swimmers should sign up for events on Monday morning after practice.  They may also sign up upon arrival for meet warm-ups - as is the procedure prior to morning practices beginning.


  • ​Ribbons are awarded to every swimmer.
  • ​Ribbons will be placed in the Family folder on Tuesday.