Announcer: Have a great voice and like public speaking? Consider announcing the swim meets. An announcer is used at all home Marlin meets to announce each heat of swimmers, the score for Saturday meets, and make any general information known to the public as the meet progresses.  The announcer works closely with the Referee and Starter and must pay close attention to the meet to keep it running smoothly.


Referee:  The lead, trained official in charge of the swim meet. The Referee is responsible for all aspects of the meet. He/she must know and understand the NVSL rules and enforce them as necessary such that all swimmers have a uniform and fair competitive environment.  Referees are required to attend the referee, starter, and stroke & turn clinics.


Starter:  A trained official who is in direct contact with the swimmers during a critical phase of the race- the start. The Starter also assists the Referee in running the swim meet.  Starters must attend a Starter Clinic in the current or previous season.


Clerk of Course:  Properly arranges swimmers in the correct lane order by heat and event in the clerk of course area. Young swimmers are led to their appropriate lane assignments prior to their events.  Typically, this position is split into two shifts for B meets. Shift 1 begins at 5:30pm through the end of Backstroke. Shift 2 begins approximately around 7pm until the end of the meet. Three Clerks are needed for Shift 1 and two Clerks are needed for Shift 2.  The visiting team will bring 1-2 Clerks as well.


Table Administrators:  The time cards and any DQ slips are received by the table administrators, who determine the swimmers' placement in each event, score the event (if a Saturday meet), and prepare ribbons for each swimmer.  Several volunteers from the home and visiting team work at the table during a meet to ensure that the process runs smoothly and that all results are crosschecked. 

Note: Saturday meet table administrators must have prior experience to work the table.


Computer/Data Entry:  Good with numbers and a computer? Want a seat in the shade? The "data" volunteer enters our swimmers' results into the computer.  Both the home and visiting teams have data volunteers for each meet.


Timers: Use a stopwatch to time swimmers and then record the swimmer's time on their time card. Three timers are assigned to each lane, two from the home team, one from the visiting team.  The middle time becomes the swimmers "official time". The Chief Timer collects the time cards from the timers, reviews them for accuracy and completeness, and then forwards them on to the table administrators at the scoring table.  

Note: Saturday meet timers must have prior timing experience in A meets or PVS meets and approval from the Chief/Head Timer.


Runners:  This is a non-swimmer, ages 8+, who "runs" the swimmers' cards between the chief timer and the scoring table, as well as messages from the table to the announcer.


Snack Bar Workers: Assist with set up/clean up of snack bar and sale of items during meets. Arrive at 4:30pm for snack bar opening at 5pm on Monday night meets.  Arrive at 7:30am for Saturday meets.  Typically, B meets are split into two shifts. Shift 1 (4:30-7pm) and Shift 2 (7pm-end of meet). Monday meets require 4-5 volunteers for Shift 1, 3-4 volunteers for Shift 2.  Saturday meets require 4 volunteers, not usually split shifts.


Fruit Volunteers:  Great job to do ahead of time!  Prepare a large disposable tray with watermelon slices and package approximately 20 ziplocked baggies of grapes (half full).  Drop off at the snack bar by 5pm on the Monday night of home meets and 8am for Saturday home meets.  Please be prompt!


Ice Pick Up: Purchase and deliver 2 LARGE bags of ice (Giant has the largest bags) to the snack bar by 4:30pm on Monday night home meets, and by 7:30am on Saturday home meets.  Please be prompt, the snack bar can't set up without the ice.  3 volunteers needed per meet.


Coffee Pick Up: 1 volunteer to pick up a large order of coffee from Starbucks for the Saturday home meets. Coffee must be delivered to the snack bar by 7:30am sharp!  


Bagel/Donut Pick Up: 1 volunteer to pick up bagels from Chesapeake Bagel Bakery and Donuts from Giant or Dunkin Donuts for the Saturday home meets. Delivery to the snack bar by 8am.


Popsicle Volunteers:  Purchase and hand out approximately 150 popsicles after the Friday morning 9-12 practice session  (10am) and 8&under session (10:45am).  The remaining popsicles can be placed in the team freezer in the snack bar for the Future Marlins.


Lebanese Taverna: Pick up pre-ordered Lebanese Taverna and deliver to the snack bar by 5pm on Monday night home meets. Please be prompt!


Costco shopper:  Purchase a detailed list of snack bar items and drop off at the snack bar prior to our home meets.  Coordinated through our Snack Bar Chairs.


Photographer:  Our swimmers love to pose for you! Photograph our swimmers both home and away, in the water, clowning around. . . feel free to roam around the deck! The photos are used for the Marlin slide show and website.   


Marshall:  Provides general supervision and safety control during swimmer warm-ups.  Maintains crowd control, deck access, and ensures proper competitor and spectator decorum and behavior.  2-3 marshals are required per meet from the home team and one from the visiting team, depending on the size of the meet.


Spirit Wear Sales:  Responsible for the set up before meet, sales during the first half of the meet, and storage of spirit wear after sales are complete.  1-2 volunteers needed for Monday night home meets.


Stroke and Turn Officials:  A trained volunteer whose duties are to ensure that the swimmers adhere to the rules pertaining to the style of swimming, turns and finishes for each stroke. These volunteers must attend a 2 hour Stroke and Turn clinic held by the NVSL or PVS to maintain their certification in the current of previous season.  NVSL Clinics are offered every spring.  


Relay Take Off Judges:  A trained volunteer whose duties are to ensure that the relay swimmers do not leave the starting platform before the preceding swimmer has touched the end of the pool.


Pep Rally Set Up/Clean Up Volunteer:  1-2 Volunteers set up the picnic table area on Friday evenings of Pep Rallies at 5pm.  Set up supplies may be found in the swim team cabinet of the snack bar and consist of blue disposable tablecloths, paper plates and plastic utensils.  Set up must be complete by 5:30pm.  Clean up at 7:30/8pm.


Friday Bagel Volunteer:  Purchase Chesapeake Bagel Bakery bagels and cream cheese and deliver to the pool by 9am on Friday mornings for the 13 and over practice.


Pancake Breakfast Volunteers:  The breakfast is held one Friday morning during the practice season.  Several volunteers are needed to help set up, make pancakes and clean up.  Shifts are split up by practice times, alternatively, volunteers can stay for multiple shifts.


End of Season Banquet Volunteers:  Volunteers are needed to help set up with decorations approximately 1-2 hours before the banquet and clean up after the banquet.