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Membership Overview


The Virginia Hills Club, Inc. is owned by its members, who are the shareholders in the Club.  When you become a pool member, besides being a part of a great organization, you also own a piece of the pool that is appreciating in value! 



Here is a detailed explanation of the different types of memberships we offer.


Please email [email protected] and someone from the membership committee can help you schedule a pool tour, decide on the membership level that's right for you, and get you started on a payment plan so you can jump or dive right in - we rarely recommend wading as an entry method.


*Must be 18 years or older to be a member single member - this pertains to both shareholder and associate memberships*





Shareholder Memberships

We recommend purchasing a share; it's the best value for your money and your community pool! Payments can be made by check, debit (via Intuit), or credit card (via TeamUnify).


New shareholders can pay all at once or make a down payment on their share and annual dues with the balance paid in increments. Returning shareholders are required to pay membership fees annually before the start of every season. The due date for 2021 fees is May 1st, 2021. Payments may be spaced out in advance of the due date. Payments received after May 1st, 2021 are subject to a $150 late fee.




2021 Shareholder Member Dues  
Application Fee (new members only) $100.00
Annual Maintenance Fee $35.00
One Time Share Price (Single or Family) $550.00
Annual Family Membership Dues $565.00
Annual Single Membership Dues $310.00




Associate Memberships

Two classes of associate (non-shareholding) memberships are available: Associate and Active Duty Military or Diplomat.

Associate Members pay a single-season fee of $865 with no share purchase required. It's a great deal to try out our pool if you are new to the area. However, if you anticipate putting down roots and staying at the pool for more than one season, it may make more sense to become a shareholder from the beginning. Associate membership fees tend to increase every season.


The Virginia Hills Club, Inc. welcomes military singles and military families, as well as those from our diplomatic corps who only may be in our community for a few years. The membership fee for an Active Duty Military Member/Diplomat per season is $665 with no share purchase required. This membership type can be used for three (3) consecutive seasons. If a duty tour is extended or is expected to last for more than three swim seasons, active duty personnel are encouraged to consider becoming shareholders. 



2021 Associate Member Dues  
Application Fee (new members only) $100.00
Annual Maintenance Fee $35.00
Associate Member (Family or Single) $865.00
Active Duty Military or Diplomat (Family or Single) $665.00


Extras Available to Share and Associate Members

Nanny/Granny Pass:                               $75.00 per season 
Guest Passes:                                        $5.00 each or 10 for $40.00                               

Paying by check?

Make your check payable to VA Hills Club, Inc. and mail to: VA Hills Club, Inc. PO Box 10233 Alexandria, VA 22310