Please use the following link to access your online member record and manage your account:

Member Management Login System Instructions


Please update your membership information NO LATER THAN JUNE 7.


A few important notes:

  • Names that have an apostrophe in them (ie: O'Brien) cannot be typed as shown. They  must be typed as OBrien.
  • Names are limited to 32 characters
  • Email addresses are limited to 32 characters

Please follow these very simple steps to access the system.


Step 1: You will receive an email from Va Hills Login System with your new PIN. Navigate back to the system to login with your member number and PIN. If you still have not received it, email our membership committee chair at [email protected]


Enter your member number as follows - there cannot be any dashes after the letters for associate, military, or silent auction memberships. Share members must enter their 4 digit member number.


Associates -- AXXXX

Diplomat -- DXXXX

Military -- MXXXX

Family or Single Share -- XXXX

Silent Auction -- SAXXXX


If you need your membership number sent to you - contact [email protected]


Step 2: When you login, you will see your member profile that includes your number of accrued guest passes, primary contact email address associated with the membership, and the status of your dues - paid or unpaid. 


Step 3: Click on Profile to add all family members and nanny/granny pass holders associated with membership, update your email address, or change your PIN. Please include everyone associated with your membership. This will allow you to make reservations for the maximum number of people on your membership. 


Step 4: When you are done, logout. All of the information is automatically saved to the system.


For Technical Issues - contact [email protected]