2020 Practice Schedule & Notes

A printable practice schedule is available here for download and is also at the bottom of this this page.  Please ask questions if the charts or notes confuse you.   


Practice Schedule (NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR 2020)

Practice begins on Tuesday, May 26th for every group except Rookies.  Rookies will start practice on June 1st.

All children are encouraged to practice EVERY day so please bring your child to as many practices a week as your schedule allows.

Please practice with your Age Group unless the coach or team rep asks your swimmer to practice "up" or "down" a group.  

Evening practice for all swimmers will be from Tuesday May 26th through Friday, June 12th.

Morning practice will begin on Tuesday, June 16th* and goes through Wednesday, July 22th.

Only swimmers entered in Divisionals will practice on July 23rd & 24th.

Please attend practice in the morning if at all possible starting June 16th.  The evening schedule starting on June 16th is subject to change or having groups combined based on attendance.

Swimmers who practice with the "Rookie" group are comprised of young children (generally aged 4,5,6 but could also include 7,8) who are not yet able to swim a full length of the pool.  Coaches work in the water with these swimmers. During anytime in the season, if a child progresses to be able to swim 25M Freestyle and 25M Backstroke unassisted they will be moved into the "8 & Under" group. Moving to this skill group means your swimmer is now eligible to compete in a Monday B meet.  

*Our coaches are FCPS teachers, the first morning practice is dependent on their teacher workdage schedule and will not be confirmed until the week before.