Cougar Parents,

This information is intended for 6 & Under swimmers. We have five groups a 6 & under can swim in, so please review the list we have provided. By default, unless we know otherwise, new 6 and under swimmers on our team swim Cougar Cub White. It is way easier to move them up than to move them down. Again, please review the list we have provided. If you feel your child is in the wrong group, for example, they are in the lowest group and can swim the length of the pool, then we ask you to please email me so I can get that changed.

  1. Our weakest group is Cougar Cub White – These kids cannot swim and may be afraid of the water. They are not the daredevils who want to swim, but cannot.
  2. Our next group is the Cougar Cub Red – These kids may be able to float or they are not considered to be afraid of the water. These kids would attempt to swim, which is scary because they might not be able to. They cannot swim the length of the pool and require a coach to assist them in the water.
  3. Cougar White (6 & Under) – This group can swim the length of the pool, although they get tired and may frequently stop.  A coach in the water helps but is not required.
  4. Cougar Red (6 & Under) – This group can swim the length of the pool, they have been swimming and will likely be on a relay team.
  5. Lastly, if we have a swimmer who is strong enough, we will consider moving from 6 & under to the 7 & 8 age group. Sometimes these kids have been swimming for several years and benefit from swimming up.  

Lastly, the water is going to be super cold week one and two of the NWAL season. If your child is super small or has a low tolerance for cold water, please consider waiting a week or two for the water to warm up. We start two weeks earlier than most teams, so this will not negatively impact them compared to other teams. 76 degrees is too cold when you cannot swim and you are 4 years old. We want the kids to want to be here, so please consider waiting if you feel this is best.

Please let me know if you have any question. We are happy to have you with our team. Please pay attention to our practice assignments. Six and under age group swim at the same time as the eight and under age group unless they swim Cougar Cub.


Brian Vestal

Admin Coach TCATS