Cougar Nation,

Practice will typically be held Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  During the school year, we will have one schedule of practice, after the school year end, we will be forced to adjust.  Watch our website and information will be posted there, we try to communicate changes as best we can.

** Be Advised ** The water temperature week one may be too cold for younger children. If you need to wait one more week, hopefully at that time the water will be warmer and smaller children happier.  This will cause no harm or foul because we usually try to get two extra weeks in April weather permitting.

**Swimmers Roster** We divided our swimmers into three primary groups, except for the Cougar Cubs who cannot swim the length of the pool.

  1. Cougar White consist of weaker swimmers with little experience or low strength.  
  2. Cougar Red consist of swimmers with multiple years of experience and tend to be stronger than Cougar White.
  3. Cougar Pride is our most advanced swimmers, usually club swimmers, who swim with our team.


Brian Vestal

TCATS Admin Coach