Coordinator Information & Training
Thank you for volunteering to be a coordinator for the Neumann Catholic Swim League.  The teams, the league, and most importantly the swimmers appreciate the hours of volunteering that you will put into this season. You are the backbone of our league and without you - we would not be able to succeed.  
Prior to the beginning of the season, the league offers all coordinators the opportunity to attend several training sessions for specialized volunteer positions within the NCSL.  This includes:
  • Coach Training - A 1 hour training session to provide coaches with important policy guidelines and restrictions that must be followed during all NCSL sponsored practices and meets. 
  • Official Training - A 1.5 hour training session that is required for league officials.  This session is facilitated by Tom Killian, our Official's Trainer and a longtime member of the NCSL.
  • Scorer Training - A 1.5 hour training session that introduces the Meet Manager program and provides detailed how-to training on scoring a meet.  This session is facilitated by the NCSL Administrator.  A team computer is required in order to attend this training. 
Coordinators can use the following link to sign-up for training.  They are not required for Coordinators who are not acting in one of these positions, but are highly recommended, especially for new coordinators:
Coordinator Certification & League Registration
All NCSL coordinators are required to register with the league prior to the start of the season.  At your earliest convenience please complete the Pledge & Code of Conduct sign-off form electronically and will be sent a copy for your records.
NCSL COVID-19 Waiver
All NCSL members and volunteers are required to review and acknowledge our league's COVID 19 liability waiver prior to the start of the season.  Coordinators are responsible for ensuring that each member (via parent/guardian) and volunteer on their team completes this form. Upon completion, a copy will be sent to the Coordinator for their tracking and records.