It is strongly recommended to uninstall any additional copies of Team Manager (4.0, 5.0, etc.) before installing Team Manager 7.0.
Your team database IS compatible with this version of 7.0 and you will be able to open it once the new program is installed.

Please scroll all the way to the bottom of the instructions for a complete list of licenses the league owns. Only one license can be installed. Please select only your school. All licenses unlock the same features.


Instructions for First Time Installation of TEAM MANAGER for Swimming 7.0
Note: If Version 7.0 is already installed, please skip down to the Update License Instructions below.

Here are the steps for First Time Installation:
Click Here to download the setup.exe for TEAM MANAGER for Swimming and follow these instructions:

1. Save the exe to your DeskTop or other location where you can find it.
2. Open the downloaded exe or double click the exe to start installation.
3. If you get the mess! age to Modify, Repair, or Remove, select Remove. After Remove is completed, start the downloaded exe again to install a fresh copy of the program.
4. After the program is installed, start TEAM MANAGER for Swimming and the program will bring up a window asking whether you are installing by CD or Web Delivery.
5. Select Web Delivery and another window will appear asking for a code.
6. Enter the following code when requested and then click OK:
      (See Below League Licenses)

The HY-TEK web site will be searched for your license and if found will download and install it.

Note: Should you have trouble downloading the setup.exe, you can copy and paste the following into your browser:

Update License Instructions
If you ordered a new option or License subscription and you already have the HY-TEK Product installed with the same license name, please follow these instructions for Updating Your License. However, please note that you can NOT use web delivery to add a second or other additional license to your existing installation of the software.

1. Start TEAM MANAGER for Swimming and click Check for Updates at the top of the Main Menu to be sure you have the latest version.
2. After updating to the latest version, click File / License Management.
3. Be sure your license is the active license and click Update License.
4. In the window, enter the following code and then click OK:
      (See Below League Licenses)

License Management will check the HY-TEK web site for your license and if found will download and install it.

Note: Should you have trouble connecting to the HY-TEK web site, you may need to turn off your firewall.

After installation is complete, you can click Help / About at the top of the Main Menu to verify your license and options.

League Licenses: