Oak Creek Swim Club

434-8441 during season

Mailing address:  PO Box 292233, Kettering, 45429

Street address:  2328 Pondview Drive

Cancellation or closing updates:

Annual Dues $424.62 (395+tax) when paid prior to May 1

Late Annual Dues $451.50 (425+tax) when paid after May 1

Payments received after May 1 not including late payment fee will be returned.

Mail to:  OCSC, PO Box 292233, Kettering, 45429

OPTION -  We have had 2 dues checks lost in the mail already this season, if you'd like to mail payment directly to Mark's home address:

OCSC, c/o Mark Whisman, 316 Grassy Creek Way, Dayton, 45459