Oak Creek Swim Club

434-8441 during season

Mailing address:  PO Box 292233, Kettering, 45429

Street address:  2328 Pondview Drive

Closing & cancellations:

At this point, it is unknown whether the Covid-19 virus will effect our opening date of the swim season.  The pool restoration work continues, along with the rest of the facility painting and updates detailed in the last newsletter, so we will be ready as soon as we have a clear instructions from the health department.   

If necessary, our Board of Directors will adjust the amount of this season's annual dues should the swim season be shortened.  Should this occur, we don't want to be in a position of owing members partial refunds, necessitating the writing and mailing of multiple refund checks. 

Following is our game plan:


  • Anyone who has already mailed their check will be issued a refund as decided by the Board if we get to that point.

  • Our 72 families who have an initiation fee payment due May 1 have the option of making that payment.  However, we totally understand the hardships some will experience over the next few weeks, so don't sweat not paying it!  Again, as soon as we have a better picture of what the next 60-90 days will look like, we'll deal with initiation fee payment deadlines.

  • Trial members from 2019 who have not received an offer to purchase a full membership yet should plan on being a trial for 2020 until a full spots opens up.  Forms are available on the website, but again, don't send in payments until further decisions are made regarding the season.  You could send me an email if you plan to do the trial again so your name can be penciled into a spot. 

  • SWIM TEAM - Details are also being delayed due to unknown dates relating to the Covid-19 situation.  As currently set, meets would start June 9th and champs would be July 13/14 with rain date July 15.  We are ready to host a season if approved timewise.  We will send out an email once we know more.  Sponsors can still let us know that they are interested and we will followup for payment once we are confirmed on the season. 

  • We have received 24 new Lifetime picnic tables that require some assembly.  When the weather breaks (and as Covid-19 permits) and we have a sunny 65 degree Saturday, it would be great to have a dozen or so members to help put them together.  Two people per table needed.  Let me know if you'd like to help! 

  • As soon as further information is made available regarding Covid-19, we'll get an email out to you!