Oak Creek Swim Club

937-522-0554 during season

Mailing address:  PO Box 292233, Kettering, 45429

Street address:  2328 Pondview Drive

Closing & cancellations :

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February, 2020 Newsletter
DUES - Membership dues for 2020 are $430.00 (400+tax) when paid before May 1.  Late dues paid after May 1 are $461.17 (430+tax).  Envelopes post marked after May 1 will be returned and the late dues amount must be paid, so pay before May 1!  Checks should be mailed to OCSC, PO Box 292233, Kettering, 45429.

SWIM TEAM, Amber Vroman
Swim Team is starting to get set for the summer.    More information on the schedule will be put up on the website after it is finalized later this month.   We can tell you the season will run from when school gets out until July 15th.  We anticipate starting practice about June 1st and the first meet on June 9th.  Information on registration and suit ups will be sent in the coming months, we plan to have those in early May.   We will send out emails and update the website later this month.  If you know of anyone not on the list please have them contact one of the coordinators and we will get them added!  Thanks, Heather Merz ( heather.merz@gmail.com), Keri Sauer ( sauerswim@gmail.com) or Amber Vroman ( bavroman@sbcglobal.net).

Sponsors are very important to keeping fees low for our team members. Sponsors will have the option to add their information to a team shirt.

Gold Level Sponsorship: $250 will get a logo on the OCSC website & large logo on the swim team shirt.  Also, any swimmer that gets a $250 sponsor will swim for free (limit to 1 free swimmer per family).

Silver Level Sponsorship: $100 will get a logo on the OCSC website and name (not logo) listed on the team shirt.

Bronze Level Sponsorship: $50 will get the name listed on the OCSC website or the team shirt.

Please email one of the coordinators listed above, we will need a jpeg file of your logo/business  

General Manager Report, Mark Whisman

PARKING - We will NOT park vehicles in the front yard grass except during swim meets.

CONDUCT - We'd greatly appreciate the help of our adult members when kids are observed acting or speaking inappropriately, climbing the fence, etc.  Don't be bashful to report issues to the on-duty manager or step up and tell the kids to stop.  We are a family club and want everyone to be respectful of each other. 

FAMILY ATMOSPHERE - Thong swim suit bottoms are NOT appropriate swim wear at Oak Creek.

SUMMER EMPLOYMENT - We will be interviewing for both lifeguard and snack bar positions in mid-March.  Guards must be certified before opening day, and snack bar workers must be 14 by March 1.  Our employment application is available on the website, completed applications should be sent (scanned, not a picture) to pool email address listed on the form and must be returned before March 1 for consideration. 

NEW CARDS - Everyone gets a new card this season, so discard your old ones!  Our new cards will be printed by an outside vendor, so they’ll look a little different, they’ll also have slots cut in them for easy banding the entire family together if you like.  It is actually cheaper to have the cards made by our vendor that we can make them.

  • A reminder that membership cards are issued for family members defined as parents and dependent children under the age of 25 living in your household, which is the ONLY info in the database.  Any special consideration cards issued over the last 3 years will need to be requested again. 
  • Special situations outside our family definition stated above will be considered individually by the Board, however "residing in your home" is mandatory.  Send an email explaining the situation to oakcreekswimclub@att.net and your request will be forwarded to the Board for a determination.
  • BLUE cards are adult/parents; YELLOW cards are for those 9 & over who have passed the swimming test and may enter the pool without an adult; RED cards are for children under 9 and they must be with an adult to enter the pool area.
  • Children who turned 9 since the pool closed last season will receive a red card and must pass the swimming test before getting their yellow card. 
  • Cards will be good for the 2020 AND 2021 season, so KEEP them at the end of the season!
  • Lost cards will be replaced, charge is $2 each, and an adult must make the request for replacements, they will be handmade cards as in the past.
  • We will continue to make cards in the office as in the past for replacements, yellow card tested kids, etc.  We will also hand make all trial members cards.

DUES - Membership dues for 2020 are $430.00 (400+tax) when paid before May 1.  Late dues paid after May 1 are $461.17 (430+tax).  Envelopes post marked after May 1 will be returned and the late dues amount must be paid, so pay before May 1!  Checks should be mailed to OCSC, PO Box 292233, Kettering, 45429.

TRIAL MEMBERS - We currently have only 3 full active memberships available, and we'll have a few additional as folks decide to not return this season.  Those active memberships will continue to be offered to LAST season's trial members through March 15.  Any trial family from last year who does NOT receive the offer to purchase an active membership by March 15 will be permitted to return as a second year trial member, and they will be at the top of the trial list so they maintain their "pecking order" to purchase an active membership.  Remember, if you are offered an active membership and decline, you cannot return next season (2021) as a trial member.  You'll be receiving a separate email with further information.
BABYSITTER PASS - Babysitter passes are solely for the purpose of admitting a babysitter into the pool with children of members when the parents are unable to bring them.  The pass is issued to the adult member making the request and stays in the possession of the member when not needed.  The cost of the babysitter pass is $50, form is on website.

SWIM LESSONS - Classes are held on M-W-F, Tues & Thur will be makeup days.  We will offer two sessions, each three weeks long, first session to start June 1.  See website for session info AND minimum requirements for classes offered.  There is a pulldown menu with specific class info.
Our initial plan is that the first 3 week session will offer two young flipper groups AND two beginner groups.  We have found that most kids stay in the same class for both sessions, few actually advance to the next level during the same season.  The second 3 week session will either offer the same classes OR we will add an advanced beginner class and drop one of the others.  
Our guard to child ratio is 3:1, we encourage parents who are also present during the classes to also be vigilante when their little ones are in the pool, we can never have too many sets of eyes watching our kids!
Diving Boards - A reminder, our diving boards are rated for 250 pound max, if your weight exceeds 250, please do not use them!  Guards will be vigilant about divers coming straight off the boards, NO SIDEWAY DIVING, which is another manufacturer requirement to avoid stressing the boards.  We don't have a scale at the boards, so please don't puit the guard in the position of asking your weight! 

Pool Renovation Project, $41,000, so I'll explain what we are doing!  

  • Pool sidewalls were saw cut about 10" down from the gutter all the way around and mechanically chipped out until sound concrete was exposed.  Stainless steel mesh was then attached and patch material applied.  After the new concrete set, a second cut was made immediately under the gutter and sealed with caulk.  We had been leaking about 2" of water daily, these repairs should stop the majority of the leaking.
  • About 12 sections of deck will be replaced adjacent to the east side of the shallow end, it is badly cracked and spalling.
  • The filter pit was blasted down to bare concrete and 2 coats of paint applied, we are also replacing a valve in the pit and installing permanent supports for the filter manifold and replacing the 35 yr old aluminum baffle with stainless steel.
  • The entire pool, baby pool bottom, and the fiberglass gutter slats will all get 2 coats of epoxy paint.
  • Not included in the $41K, we are replacing the underwater light fixtures ($2500), 2 had cracked wiring so going ahead and replacing all of them. 

Additional Capital Improvements & Purchases

  • Chairs $3000 - We purchased 80 new Grosfillex chairs, they'll replace older 8+ yr old chairs as they break.
  • Tennis Courts $2500 - Cracks will be repaired, these cracks are new and continuations of those fixed several years ago and normal spring maintenance.
  • Drinking Fountain $1800 - New chilled water drinking fountain with a non-chilled bottle filler
  • Fence $2100 - Front fence line will have a bottom rail added to better anchor the bottom fence, tennis gate from parking lot will be replaced.
  • Gorilla basketball pole/backboard $2,000
  • Weather permitting, we are planning to paint the entire building, doors/trim, and the vinyl siding will be pressure washed.

PLEASE, during windy conditions, lower table umbrellas BEFORE the wind destroys it!  It is an unnecessary expense to replace broken umbrellas that should have been lowered...thanks!

Tennis Courts - Members may purchase a $5 key to the parking lot court gate for playing tennis or pickle ball when the pool is closed, PLEASE, lock the gate when to leave...thanks!

WEBSITE & FACEBOOK - Please check the website www.oakcreekswimclub.org and Facebook for weather related closings or delays, as well as swim team and lesson cancellations.  This information will be on the opening page on the website.  Also take a few minutes to read pool rules, party rules, etc. available on the website.

FINANCIAL REPORT - Our end of year financial report follows, please direct any questions to Mark or any Board member.  We continue to be in a strong financial condition, and remain committed to growing our emergency contingency fund (CD), adding 20k in 2019, currently worth $103,000.  The CD money is intended to cover emergencies and major renovation.  Within the next 8-10 years, we will probably be faced with a total pool replacement costing in the neighborhood of $800,000, therefore very important to grow that savings account. 

Our facility is in great shape, we celebrate our 52nd anniversary this season!  Spending on capital improvements & purchases topped $60,000 in 2018, and will top $63,000 this year.