Oak Creek Swim Club

937-522-0554 during season

Mailing address:  PO Box 292233, Kettering, 45429

Street address:  2328 Pondview Drive

Closing & cancellations :

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February, 2021 Newsletter

Board Members

 Heather Merz – President
Amber Vroman – First Vice President/Swim Team
Dani Alexander – Second Vice President/Social
Keri Sauer – Treasurer/Swim Team
Jeanie Erling – Secretary

Heather Merz board term has expired, we thank Heather for her six years of service to Oak Creek! Heather served as president the last two season, but also served as a swim team rep all six year, so again, thanks to Heather!  Anyone interested in serving on the Board and helping with swim team, please send us an email.

DUES - Membership dues for 2021 are $435.37 (405+tax) when paid before May 1.  Late dues paid after May 1 are $467.62 (435+tax).  Envelopes post marked after May 1 will be returned and the late dues amount must be paid, so pay before May 1!  Checks should be mailed to OCSC, PO Box 292233, Kettering, 45429. To minimize chances of your check being delivered incorrectly in the PO box, you can mail payments directly to Mark at OCSC, 316 Grassy Creek Way, Dayton, 45458.

SWIM TEAM, Amber Vroman
[email protected]
Swim Team reps are waiting on SSA meeting to finalize how the 2021 season will look.  Final plans, schedule, registration, suit fittings, etc., will be posted on the website and emailed.

Sponsors are especially important to our team and keeping our participation fees low.

  • Gold Level Sponsorship: $250 will get a logo on the OCSC website & large logo on the swim team shirt.  Also, any swimmer that gets a $250 sponsor will swim for free (limit to 1 free swimmer per family).
  • Silver Level Sponsorship: $100 will get a logo on the OCSC website and name (not logo) listed on the team shirt.
  • Bronze Level Sponsorship: $50 will get the name listed on the OCSC website or the team shirt.

We will need a jpeg file of your logo/business, please email one of our coordinators, Amber [email protected], Keri ([email protected])

WEBSITE & FACEBOOK - Please check the website www.oakcreekswimclub.org and Facebook for weather related closings or delays, as well as swim team cancellations.  This information will be on the opening page on the website.  Also take a few minutes to read pool rules, party rules, etc. available on the website.

Our website is hosted by Team Unify, and includes a portal containing pool membership that is used ONLY by our swim team for their mass emailing and team information.  When pool members access that portal to register for swim team, the emergency contact information input by you is only accessible by swim team, NOT OFFICE STAFF & GUARDS.  All changes to your family members, email address, emergency contact number, etc., must be sent to Mark for entry into our member database, which is always accessible in the office for emergency notifications.

Social Report, Dani Alexander
[email protected]

Let Dani know if you have any suggestions!  Food Truck Sunday was an overwhelming success last season, so we are planning to make it a monthly a event.  Also in the works is Band Night, featuring the return of Crying Out Loud.  July 4th Olympic Games are also planned, although you may need to eat breakfast at home.  Last year we discontinued our July 4 pancake breakfast due to low attendance, opting to try donuts and drinks, but low attendance left us with dozens of leftovers.   

General Manager Report, Mark Whisman
[email protected]

Last years COVID season presented several challenges, thanks to our members and outstanding staff for getting us through those difficult mandated guidelines so we could stay open!  Preparations for the 2021 have already begun!  Two large expenses since we closed last fall:

  • We shipped 1/3 of our lounge chairs (68) to Michigan for refurbishing that included stripping paint, repairing welds/hardware, new powder coating (off white), skid plates on bottom edges, new straps & head section supports.  Our plan is to send another 60 this fall and the remaining 60 next fall.  All the older gold anodized aluminum chairs will also be painted to match. ($8,800)
  • Our filter pit main drain valve broke last August, requiring us to physically get to the bottom of the filter pit to manually lift the valve open, a really nasty task!  This valve prevents the pool from draining during normal operation, thus vital.  We are installing a stainless-steel replacement valve rather than cast iron to prevent rusting and increase longevity. ($1,500)

SWIM LESSONS - Swim lessons will return this season, it is important that our younger members become acclimated to the pool and have no fear of water so they can more safely enjoy their summer.  Lessons will be fee based, the Board has yet to determine the amount for the 9 day sessions.  Also keep in mind the lifeguards are available for private lessons if you prefer more one on one teaching.  We are also discussing adding the swim team coaches to help with more advanced beginners wanting to be future swim team members.

  • Lesson info is on our website, please look at requirements for the classes.  We will do Young Flippers and Beginners.  If needed, we'll add an Advanced Beginners class to the second session.
  • Two 3 week sessions, each session is 8 days of instruction and day nine is testing.  Guard/child ratio is 3:1 for Young Flippers group.
  • Classes are M-W-F, we'll do rain make-up days on Tues & Thur.  First group is 10:45-11:15, second group 11:15-11:45.  
  • First session June 7 thru June 25.  Second session June 28 thru July16.

LAP SWIMMERS/EARLY OPENING - Our adult members enjoyed the early opening days last summer (since we didn't have lessons), especially lap swimmers, so we will also attempt to accommodate them this season while keeping in mind that swim team uses the pool from 6am-10:30 Monday thru Friday and lessons schedule.

  • Adult members may enter pool area everyday at 11am for "sun time".  Children are NOT permitted at 11, guard staff is busy with lessons or cleaning/maintenance.
  • On swim lesson days, pool time & lap swimming will not be possible until 11:45, noon will be regular opening time, so swim fast!
  • Tuesday & Thursday are lesson make-up days if needed, otherwise it's pool vacuuming days, vacuuming the entire pool takes at least an hour.
  • If rain make-up in NOT necessary on Tuesday & Thursday, adult pool time & lap swimmers may enter the pool as soon as the vacuum hose is out of the way.  We vacuum the swimming lanes and shallow end first, so lane lines will be accessible while we vacuum the diving well, so please be patient.  
  • Saturday and Sunday adults only opening at 11am will continue, children are not permitted.

SUMMER EMPLOYMENT - We will be interviewing for lifeguards and snack bar positions in mid-March.  Guards must be certified before opening day, and snack bar workers must be 14 by May 1.  Our employment application is available on the website, completed applications should be sent (scanned, not a picture) to pool email address listed on the form and must be returned before March 1 for consideration. 


We need to decide how many new trial families to accept for 2021, and forms are already coming in.  If you plan to drop your active membership, or a trial member not planning to return as either an active or 2nd year trial (explained below), please send us an email so we can plan accordingly...thanks!

Same cards as last year, so start searching!  If you cannot locate your cards, just let us know and we will make replacements, adults must make the request, cost is $2 per card. 
A reminder that membership cards are issued for family members defined as parents and dependent children under the age of 25 residing in your home, which is the ONLY info in the database.

Special situations outside our family definition stated above will be considered individually by the Board, however "residing in your home" is mandatory.  Send an email explaining the situation to [email protected] and your request will be forwarded to the Board for a determination.

  • BLUE cards are adult/parents; YELLOW cards are for those 9 & over who have passed the swimming test and may enter the pool without an adult; RED cards are for children under 9 and they must be with an adult to enter the pool area.
  • Children who turned 9 since the pool closed last season will receive a red card and must pass the swimming test before getting their yellow card. 
  • Lost cards will be replaced, charge is $2 each, and an adult must make the request for replacements.
  • New cards for entire membership are issued in even number years and made by outside vendor.  We will continue to make cards in the office as in the past for replacements, yellow card tested kids, etc. so they will look slightly different.  We will also hand make all trial members cards. 

ACTIVE MEMBERS -  Please let us know ASAP if you are dropping your membership so we can keep the ball rolling with filling your spot. 

TRIAL MEMBERS - As active memberships become available, the trial member at the top of the list will receive an email offering the spot, 2020 Trial # 11 is next on the list.  Any 2020 trial family who does NOT receive the offer to purchase an active membership by April 15 will be permitted to return as a second-year trial member.  Second year trials families will be at the top of the trial list, thus they maintain their "pecking order" to purchase an active membership when available.  Remember, if you are offered an active membership and decline, you cannot return as a trial member.   2020 trial families not planning to return, whether as active or 2nd year trial, please respond via email ASAP so we can decide how many new trials to accept.
BABYSITTER PASS - Babysitter passes are solely for the purpose of admitting a babysitter into the pool with children of members when the parents are unable to bring them.  The pass is issued to the adult member making the request and stays in the possession of the member when not needed.  The cost of the babysitter pass is $50, form is on website.


  • Our rules and conduct standards are posted on our website, please review with you children prior to the season.
  • We would greatly appreciate the help of our adult members when kids are observed acting or speaking inappropriately, climbing the fence, etc.  Don't be bashful to report issues to the on-duty manager or step up and tell the kids to stop.  We are a family club and want everyone to be respectful of each other.   
  • We spent $5200 last season for new picnic tables.  Please ask for assistance when picking up/moving picnic tables.  Dragging them across the concrete damages the feet and scrapes paint from bottom causing rust. 
  • We refurbished 1/3 of our lounges which included new paint, please do not drag them across concrete deck, dragging through grass is OK.  We have 188 lounges, replacement is $225 ea, so please protect our investment!
  • We are member owned, members are expected to be respectful of others, clean your area before leaving, alcohol discreetly consumed & empty cans/trash placed in provided cans.  Please don’t put a teenage lifeguard in the position of having to tell an adult their conduct is inappropriate. 
  • Thong swimsuit bottoms are not permitted.
  • Diving Boards - A reminder, our diving boards are rated for 250-pound max, if your weight exceeds 250, please do not use them!  Guards will be vigilant about divers coming straight off the boards, NO SIDEWAY DIVING, which is another manufacturer requirement to avoid stressing the boards.  We don't have a scale at the boards, and guards are certainly not going to ask your weight, however 250 pound limit…thanks! 
  • PLEASE, during windy conditions, lower table umbrellas BEFORE the wind destroys it! 

TENNIS COURTS - Members may purchase a $5 key to the parking lot court gate for playing tennis or pickle ball when the pool is closed, PLEASE, lock the gate when to leave...thanks!

FINANCIAL REPORT - Our end of year financial report follows, please direct any questions to Mark.  We continue to be in a strong financial condition and remain committed to growing our emergency contingency fund which is currently $150,000.  The contingency fund is intended to cover unexpected financial emergencies and future major renovations to the pool.  Within the next 8-10 years, we will probably be faced with a total pool replacement costing about $800,000, therefore especially important to grow that savings account. 



Income EOY 12/31/20

Pool Dues 400 x 374


Trial Dues 400 x 50


Sales Tax


Initiation Fees


BWC Rebate


Interest (CD)


Interest (savings acct)


Guest Fee


Snack Bar (gross minus 7.5 tax)




Swim Team Fee


Swim Team Sponsor


Pool Use KCST




Total Income


Expense EOY 12/31/20

Bank Fee


Capital Repairs/Purchases


General Maintenance




Office Expenses


Ohio BWC


Payroll Net


Payroll Taxes


Payroll ADP Fee




Pool Chemicals


Pool Maintenance


Property Taxes




Sales Tax


Snack Bar Inventory




Stock Buyback 350 x 30


Swim Team


Tables, chairs, umbrellas


Transfer to CD 


Utilities - Electric


Utilities - Gas


Utilities - Phone/WiFi/Web


Utilities - Trash


Utilities - Water


Pool Renovation