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Swim Team Meet Volunteer Positions

Meet Volunteer Positions – 2021

Sign up for volunteer positions will be done on this webpage.  You will see the volunteer signup under each swim meet under job sign up.  Please select the job you want and hit sign up.  After you sign up please verify you are listed under that item.

Remember, families are asked to work 3  full meets each.  If you don’t know how to carry out your job, just ask!!!  It can only be a great season with your participation! 

Volunteer Sign In Station – This person will be stationed at the head table by the office for home meets and in the team area for away meets. He/she will give some general information out to workers, if needed.  

Meet Timer:  This job requires the use of a stop watch – that’s all!  Stand at the block end, time the start and finish of each race of the evening.   There is a timer’s meeting at the beginning of the evening to pass out stop watches and assign lanes.  The meeting time will be announced at each host pool. 

Head Referee/ Assistant Referee/Stroke&Turn Judges/Starter:  These positions are only available to people who have had Official’s Training.  The meeting time will be announced at each host pool.

Relay Judge:  This person stands where assigned just for the relays to insure the swimmers do not leave early off the block or off the wall.  Attend the Officials meeting when announced.

Relay Organizer:  If you’re good at encouraging kids, this is the job for you!  Here, you get to wear an eye-catching vest and would be assigned girls or boys, place the 1 & 3 swimmers on the starting block end and the 2 & 4 swimmers at the opposite end of lane.  You are to help them know when to get on the block or in the water for their relays.  You’re the last one to wish them luck as they dive into the water to race.  

Concession:  This job is to run the sale of food and drinks at our home meets.  No children are allowed to help or visit behind the tables.  

Meet Announcer – This job is not for the shy!!  Use a microphone and announce the swimmers to the fans at home meets. 

Event Board – This person sits on the roof deck the entire meet and remotely changes the “event board.”  

Ribbons:  These workers place labels on the ribbons.  Please be at the head table by the office by 7:00.  This tends to be a “late” job as this worker will stay until all ribbons are labeled with stickers and then given to the coaches of each team.

Runner:  A runner will run the scores back and forth between the timers and the scoring table (office).  

End of Lane:  Stand at the end of the lane and check for the correct swimmers in the correct order.