Oak Creek Swim Club

937-522-0554 during season

Mailing address:  PO Box 292233, Kettering, 45429

Street address:  2328 Pondview Drive

Closing & cancellations:

Thank you for working to follow the new COVID-19 rules. We understand it is new and different and certainly not ideal, but it is what we were handed for now and we appreciate your help.. We have noticed everyone keeping good distance at the front desk, in the bathrooms, and in the seating area. We see you covering faces in the bathrooms, sanitizing hands and chairs. We see you doing everything you can to help us keep the pool operating this year. THANK YOU!



MEMBERSHIP CARDS will be turned in at the desk beginning today, June 4th. We have noticed an increase in people coming in with friends who are not members. We will now check and count cards/people as you enter. We understand the NO GUEST policy is not ideal, but unfortunately it is necessary for us to control numbers and remain open. We MUST follow this policy until we can determine how numbers play out each day. We hope to remove this policy later this season, but for now we must be strict.

Exception to handing over cards: if your family is uncomfortable handing over cards due to COVID-19 your cards must be shown individually to the guard at the desk and each child over the age of 5 should hold their own card for the guard to view. If you keep your cards with you, secure them well while in the pool area. We have noticed many cards laying around the pool deck/grass/awning. This results in lost/stolen cards.

 (Tip: when my family heard we were keeping our cards this year, we immediately zip-tied them onto the front of the swim bag of each child in our family).

VOLLEYBALL is allowed to open! The net will be up and a ball will be available to check out from the office (you may also bring your own). No more than 6-8 players per side of the net. Try to observe social distancing while you play. After each group returns the ball to the office, it will be sanitized and ready for use by the next group.


In pool basketball is for shooting baskets only. NO GAMEPLAY! The in-water basketball area has already been an issue this season. Children have been reminded, even pulled aside and reminded. If it continues to be an issue we will only allow basketballs in the water during adult swim breaks. This is another rule we hope will be lessened as the season progresses.

LINES...especially children (Diving Board, Snack Bar, etc). You must remind children to remain one block apart while standing in lines. The diving board line especially has received several complaints from members and people viewing it from the parking area. Please continue to remind your children to space themselves when in lines. They can remind those around them as well. If your child cannot stand in line properly, you need to stand with them. Again, we know this is not ideal, but it is necessary for us to continue opening these places where lines gather.

Thank you again for all the work you are doing. We hope to be able to lessen many of these rules as the weeks go on. We will have County Health Inspectors checking in on us, so please stay as diligent as possible so we can continue to enjoy our su