We Need Your Help!

It Takes a Villlage to run a Successful Swim Team!  And it's so much FUN!

It takes about (35) Volunteers to run a swim meet!  

Each family is required to volunteer at a minimum of (5) meets and help in other ways during the season (Fun Fridays, kickoff party, pizza party, banquet, and other social events). Being involved with the team will help things run smoothly and create lasting memories for your child and the whole family! 


Makos Swim Team Volunteer Descriptions

*Starter/Announcer (Home Meets Only) - TRAINING REQUIRED Announce each event, start each race, determine false starts. 

*Referee (Home Meets Only) –  TRAINING REQUIRED The referee works with starter and all meet officials to ensure the smooth operation of the swim meet. 

*Stroke and Turn Judges - ON LINE TRAINING REQUIRED Attend one stroke & turn training clinic prior to the season’s start or certify ON-LINE. Observe swimmers in your assigned lanes during each heat. Disqualify, in a fair and consistent manner, those swimmers who violate the current ODSL disqualification (DQ) standards. Raise hand to alert the Runner to pick up DQ card to deliver to score table.  

Head Timer (Home meets only) –  QUICK HANDS Coordinates timekeepers prior to the start of the meet. Will ensure that there is at least one timer from each team in each lane at all times; will review proper timing procedures with the timers before the start of the meet. 

Timers BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE! Arrive at the meet 20 minutes prior to start of meet and be ready for the Head Timer’s instructions.  We are required to have (9) timers at both home and away meets.  This is a great job for those who want an up-close view of the races and to cheer on the swimmers! 

Heat Ribbon Runner - Fun Swimmer Recogition Stand by the timekeepers for each heat, observe the heat, and immediately award a ribbon to the heat winner.

Meet Set-up/Clean-up (Home Meets Only) - GREAT EXERCISE!  It takes a village to transform the pool for a meet and clean up after to make the pool ready for resident to enjoy. 

Runners - Collect DQ slips from the stroke and turn judges, and then take them to the referee. They also pick up timing sheets from each lane and take them to the computer operator.

Ribbon writers - Label and sort ribbons into the team boxes.

Computer Operator Assistant - *GREAT VIEW OF THE POOL! Assists the Head Computer Operator in entering data into the system.

Clerk of Course – ORGANIZED, GREAT WITH KIDS, WORK W/COACHES- Sets the Pace of the meet! Coordinates and lines up swimmers at ready bench.

Concession Sales (Home meets Only) - FUN & FRIENDLY The concession volunteers work directly with the Concessions Coordinator to help run the concessions at home meets.