CoV-19 Precautions & Changes

Got Approvals ....

We are very excited to announce the Old Dominion Swim League (ODSL) will be hosting a swim season this summer, and we have received authorization from the Loudoun Valley Estates (LVE) HOA Board to move forward with the Torpedoes participation in this league for the 2021 summer swim season.

We are thrilled to share this information with the community and look forward to seeing many familiar faces returning to the pool deck!

Registration Open

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Coach Tim

Coach Tim will be returning to lead the Torpedoes this swim season. Welcome back Coach Tim!

While we are trying our best to provide a lot of information in this page and in the attached presentation, we realize you may still have many questions.

Parent Pre Season Meet

We had a pre-season parent meet to answer any questions & discuss the season on Monday March 15 at 7:00 PM. The recorded session can be viewed here

CoV-19 Safety Measures

While many things will be familiar from years past, I am sure it goes without saying that the pandemic will necessitate some changes. The goal of the Loudoun Valley Estates Torpedoes (LVET) Board is to establish a safe and healthy swim season for our swimmers, their families, coaches and volunteers.

Below please find the information we have received thus far from the ODSL with regard to team activities for the 2021 ODSL swim season.

ODSL Covid-19 Protocols

These protocols were put in place on February 25th and could change based upon guidance from the Loudoun County Health Department.

  • All swimmers, volunteers, coaches and officials must wear a mask (covering nose and mouth) throughout the duration of any ODSL Activity (meeting, practice or meet).
  • Swimmers must wear a mask when not actively swimming.
  • All swimmers, volunteers, coaches and officials must maintain a safe social distance from one another.
  • Safe social distance as defined by Loudoun Counthy Health Department.
  • Parents that are not working at the meet in an official capacity (coach, official, clerk of course or marshal) are not allowed on deck.
  • Teams are encouraged to utilize Facebook Live to broadcast the meet.
  • All swimmers, volunteers, coaches and officials must complete a Covid-19 Health Attestation and a temperature check prior to the start of practice and meets.
  • A standardized form will be provided or one approved by the HOA is acceptable.

This presentation (link) has further details. Please check it out.

At this time, the ODSL has not yet made a determination on the final meet schedule. However, each swimmer should have the understanding that they would likely participate in only one meet each week. That meet will either be on a Wednesday evening or a Saturday morning. At meets, swim teams will likely be split between Wednesdays and Saturdays based on swimmer age group. Decisions on end of season meets have also not been made at this time. (*** Update based on 2/25/21 meeting***)

Covid-19 Working Group

The Loudoun Valley Estates Torpedoes (LVET) Board has put together a Covid-19 working group dedicated exclusively to establishing safety measures and protocols that will be in place throughout the LVET 2021 swim season. This group is comprised of LVET parents who have swimmers that currently participate in USS club swimming and/or participated in the Virginia High School League (VHSL) swimming season throughout the pandemic. While this group is still working closely with both the LVET Board and the LVE HOA Board on finalizing protocols, we are able to share some of the procedures families should expect at the pool this summer. These guidelines are in addition to those previously set forth by the ODSL.

Pre-Assigned Practice Groups

Swimmers will be assigned to a practice group in which each swimmer will be allowed to practice on certain days at specific times with the same swimmers in their lane at each practice. Flexibility will not be given to families to alter this assignment once it has been made by the Head Coach. During registration, families will be given the opportunity to specify a morning or afternoon practice time preference.

Practice times and groups will likely differ from prior seasons. At this time, morning practices are planned for Monday – Friday and afternoons are planned for Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. It is not yet known how many practices each swimmer will be able to attend on a weekly basis. Swimmers should expect to arrive at practice fully prepared to swim. Bathroom usage for swimmers during practice will likely not be allowed. Bathrooms will be for emergency use only at meets.


  • Any air travel will follow the following protocols:
    • Communicate that travel to the coach
    • Return to practice after receiving a negative COVID test taken no earlier than 5 days upon return from travel OR quarantine for 10 days after returning from travel and return to practice provided no signs of illness
  • Overnight travel > 200 miles or to ANY beach destination (i.e. Ocean City, Bethany Beach, etc.)
    • Communicate that travel to the coach and discuss what protocols must be followed upon return
  • Out of town travel < 200 miles
    • Use discretion on whether those activities should be discussed with coach (i.e. participation in events with large crowds)
  • You may email coach at any time, including prior to registration, to discuss that travel.  Additionally, you may communicate at one time all travel plans for the duration of the season if they are known.

Mini Torpedoes will not be offered for the 2021 swim season.

We share all this information with you at this time so that your family is able to make an informed decision about whether or not you plan to participate in the 2021 Torpedo summer swim season. Right now, the LVET Board is collecting information through a survey (link below) to understand how many swimmers may or may not choose to swim this summer and what practice time preferences may look like for those who would like to swim. Families should expect that each swimmer will be assigned to a specific practice time on specific days and be swimming with the same swimmers in their lane throughout the season. The flexibility offered in years past to mix morning and afternoon practice times will not exist this season. The reasoning for this decision is based on quarantine protocols and is standard practice in the swim community during the pandemic.

While we will do our best to answer them, please understand that we are continuing to receive guidance from the ODSL and are also working closely with the LVE HOA, and it is likely that additional updates will occur. We will continue to share this information with the team as it becomes available. Our goal will be to establish a safe and healthy swim season and we ask LVET families to join in this partnership!

Also, here are the key targeted dates for the season.  

  • Practices start/ First practice- June 1st
  • Time Trials - June 12th
  • League-wide no competition dates - June 30th and June 3rd
  • Last dual meet - July 24th
  • All stars - July 31st


Best Regards,

Rajiv - LVE Torpedoes Communications Director