Suit and Equipment Requirements

Competitive swimmers are required to have a team suit, team cap, goggles, fins and kick board. 

Competitive swimmers may wear last year’s suit or purchase the new 2019 suit at meets. 

Swim fins should be mid-length style, NOT the longer scuba fins or short styles.  An example is provided in the link below for the preferred fin style.

The swim suit or swim trunk with our team logo & other equipment can be purchased at Cassel's Sports and Awards

Parent Meetings – There will be a mandatory parent meeting for all new parents at the Clubhouse Pool (date is announced at the beginning of the session) .  There are a lot of changes this season and attendance is critical.

Volunteering Commitment - ALL families will be required to volunteer 20 - 22 hours at meets and in other ways during the season regardless if your child participates in meets.  Families will use the Torpedoes website to register for volunteering positions.  Exact hours required will be determined by the number of families committed/registered and all families will be notified.  A $20/hour penalty will be assessed for every hour short of the determined required hours.  A swimmer is not eligible to register for future seasons until this fee is paid.

Fees & Registration:

Refer to registration tab

Spirit Wear

Team Provided: Each swimmer will receive a t-shirt (if registered and paid by end of May) and a swim cap. Please enter your child’s size carefully during registration.

Note: There is no Child-Small size so if you enter “Small,” you will receive an Adult-Small. Because t-shirts are ordered according to the sizes entered in registration, we can’t offer exchanges.

Additional Spirit Wear: Additional spirit wear such as team bags, personalized caps, hoodies, additional adult t-shirts, polo-shirts will be available to order at the beginning of the season & all families will be notified by e-mail.