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LVE Torpedoes Swim Team                                                           Code of Conduct

Team Purpose

The LVE Torpedoes Swim Team is committed to inspire every person in its organization by providing opportunities to develop skills, knowledge, and values necessary for each individual to become a capable concerned participant in the swimming community.


Appropriate behavior allows everyone the rights to learn, to be safe and to be treated with respect, courtesy, and consideration.  Consequently, appropriate behavior within The LVE Torpedoes Swim Team is mandatory.  Each person is responsible for his/her behavior and is capable of making appropriate choices.  It is therefore the responsibility of coaches, parents and others to encourage and enforce appropriate behavior.


Obey promptly all instructions from the coaching staff and officials on duty at meets or practices.  Good behavior is expected of all swimmers to ensure all swimmers receive adequate instruction. Ask permission from the Coach and/or Swim Team Personnel before leaving the poolside for any reason.  Always display good sportsmanship.  Respect your teammates: work equally hard for yourself and your team. Encourage your teammates, (peer-support) and applaud all good efforts, regardless of winning or losing races.  Respect competitors from other teams: treat all swimmers, as you would like to be treated yourself.  Behave in a responsible and orderly manner in the shower area, on deck and all areas of the LVE Community Pool.

You should only enter the designated swim area of the pool during practices and meets.  All other swimming areas inside the pool facility whether LVE or another location are prohibited during practices or meets.

Clean up your trash and food before exiting the pool both at home and away meets.  No swimmer shall participate in the pushing or shoving individuals into the pool.  Swimmers shall maintain orderly conduct within the team area during meets.  No running, pushing or shoving shall be permitted.


Parents are an integral component of the team. Indeed, the team could not survive without parental involvement. Parents are encouraged to participate in team activities and functions and they should support and ensure that their child abides by the Code of Conduct.  Parents are required to participate with volunteer activities during all meets when possible.  Parents should behave in a safe, polite and responsible manner whenever they are representing the team, whether in practice, and when at or traveling to or from a meet.

Parents should not use abusive language or act in an aggressive manner at any time.  Parents wishing to discuss swimming matters with their child's coach should do so at a mutually agreed time. This meeting will not take place during a practice session or meets.  Parents should notify the Coach or the Team Rep if their child will not be participating in an upcoming meet two days prior to the scheduled event.  Parents should notify the Coach when possible if their child is going to be absent from practices.  Parents can contact the Team Representative and Coordinator with any questions or concerns about team functions and operations.

 Meet Conduct

No team personnel, competitor or spectator shall act in an unsportsmanlike-like manner.  This includes, but is not limited, to the following:

               - Making insulting or derogatory remarks, gestures or acts, including taunting.

         - Trying to influence or showing disgust with officials' decisions.

         - Interfering with meet officials in the performance of their duties.

         - No parent shall approach the Referee or Officials during any competition; all questions should be directed to the Coach.

         - Using obscene language.

         - The use of tobacco or alcoholic products is not permitted at the pool facility before, during or after League-sponsored meets.  The pool facility includes all parking lots and buildings associated with the pool facility.

         - Competitors shall not participate in after-meet celebrations, which include:  Running and shoving, throwing trash or other debris into the pool.

         - No team personnel/competitor shall enter the water without the Referee's approval.  This includes pre-meet warm-ups and individual events.

         - No competitor shall intentionally contact or hold another competitor during the swimming of an event that results in impeding the progress of that competitor.

         - The reporting of a violation to these Codes of Conduct will be through the Team Representative to the meet Referee.  If after receiving one warning, and the behavior continues, the individual(s) involved shall be requested to leave the premises.

         - If an individual has repeated offenses, the league board will be consulted for further actions, to include barring the offender from further participation in league activities.