How to Sign Up for Meets/Events - 

  • Sign into Loudoun Valley II Viperfish - Team Unify 
  • Once you correctly enter your log-in information, you will be redirected and entered to the Team Unify Management Console.  
  • To sign up for swim meets, click on the 'Events & Competition' tab found on the left of the screen.  Make sure you select 'Team Events'.
  • Locate the Swim Event you would like to sign-up for.  The event date should display and allow you to validate you are sign-up for the correct event.  
  • Click 'Attend/Decline'.  If the 'Attend/Decline' button is not visible, registration may not be open by the Computer Operator for the event.
  • Once you click 'Attend/Decline' in the event portal, you will be prompted to the athlete sign-up page.  Once you have redirected, locate the name of the athlete(s). Note: If you have multiple athlete(s) under your account, you will have to repeat the following steps for each athlete.
    • Click the name of the athlete you would like to register.
    • Select the desired declaration.  Once declared, you will be redirected on of two ways:
      • If you declared 'No thanks, [swimmer] will not attend this event'.
      • If your declaration was 'NO', you have completed the registration process.  Please click on 'Save Changes' to apply this declaration.
      • If you declared 'Yes, please sign [swimmer] up for this event'.
      • You will have the ability to select events* for your swimmer as well as add notes to their entry.  Once complete, please click on 'Save Changes' to apply this entry.
      • Note:  The events will not be guaranteed.  They only serve as a suggestion to the coaches. The coaches reserve the rights to make updates and/or add your swimmer to additional events/relays. 
  • Within the same 'Attend/Decline' button, you will see another button 'Job Signup'.  All our events require parent volunteers.  Each family are required and agreed to volunteer a minimum of 8 hours.  Please volunteer and sign-up.
  • Again, if you have multiple athlete(s), please repeat the above steps. 
  • You have reached the end of the instructions.  If you have any further questions, please direct them to the Head Coach or the Team Rep. 

Important Note: It is NOT advisable for you to sign-up for all open events.  The reason is because if you sign-up for all open events, you may encounter an issue with your swimmer(s) time if the swimmer(s) improve time in future event(s).  The improved time may not be updated or shown correctly in the event.  This is because it takes a snapshot of the time when you register for the event.  For example, during time trail, your swimmer swam backstroke and received a time of 1:25. Then at another future event, your swimmer improves the time to 1:10.  Because you register for all events during time trial, the swimmer time may continue to only show the time at time trial (1:25 vs 1:10) and/or 'NT- No Time'.  Additional note, this may affect where and when the swimmer is placed in the next event you participate in.