Minimum Swimming Requirements 

Residents and a limited number of Non Residents of Loudoun Valley Estates may enroll their children aged 5-18 years old (as of June 15).

All new swimmers and all returning swimmers ages 8 and under must tryout and complete one 25-meter lap unassisted. There will be a tryout the first week of practice. If they do not pass their first try, Coaches will be available for private lessons if desired. Please contact the Head Coach you are interested in working with directly for pricing and availability. The swimmer may try out multiple times but must successfully complete the tryout before joining their practice group. All tryouts must be completed by Time Trials. If a child does not meet the minimum requirements, a portion of the registration fee may be refunded. 

Swimmers ages between 5 thru 7, we will consider if they can swim one lap unassisted and the Head Coach gives his/her approval. While your child may be able to swim the length of the pool, we will need to take into consideration their ability to listen and follow directions as well as the safety of your child and the other younger swimmers on the team.