What are the VIPERFISH all about..?


What does that mean..?

Swimmers on our team get to experience what it means to be on a TEAM! Our goal is for individuals to have lots of fun, grow and develop personally, and improve their swimming technique. We are dedicated to challenge each individual to instill confidence they can use both in and out of the water. Building RELATIONSHIPS through team bond exercises and inclusivity that we cultivate on the Viperfish. We want every swimmer to LOVE themselves and swim.

What Viperfish families should expect for our coaches..?
Coaches are a TEAM and model what it looks like to work together to achieve goals. 
Coaches RESPECT all living beings and expect the same from their swimmers.
Coaches keep swimmers SAFE; Red Cross Lifeguard, CPR, First Aid certified.
Coaches are ENGAGED with swimmers in the water, lifeguarding, or on deck ready to assist..
Coaches are PREPARED: in uniform and ready at practice and meets.