Frequently Ask Questions:

  • How long is the average swim meet? The average swim meet lasts three and a half (3.5) hours.  This is contingent upon factors such as weather, size of opposing team and general flow of the meet.
  • How often should my child go to practice? Swimming is a sport where your swimmer needs to practice more often.  Your swimmer's body will respond better if the swimmer practices each swim day of the week.  Their times will improve at a greater rate and they will feel more a part of the team.
  • What is the schedule for meets?  The schedule for meets is generally as follows: 
    • Wednesday meets: 5:00 pm arrival, 5:15 pm warmup, 6:00 pm start time.
    • Saturday meets: 7:00 am arrival, 7:15 am warmup, 8:00 am start time.
  • What is a Medley Relay Stroke Order? Four swimmers participate, each of whom swims a different stroke.  The first swimmer swims Backstroke (BA), the second Breaststroke (BR), the third Butterfly (FL), and the fourth Freestyle (FR).  An easy way to remember this is: BA, BR, FL, FR are in alphabetical order.  
  • What is an Individual Medley Stroke Order?  100 IM (individual medley) is an event in which ONE swimmer swims all four strokes in one race: 25 yards of butterfly, 25 yards of backstroke, 25 yards of breaststroke and 25 years of freestyle, in this order (note that the IM order is different from the medley relay order). 
  • What does it means if my swimmer is swimming in a Relay? A Relay is an event in which four swimmers participate in the race.  This means that 3 other children are depending on them to complete an event.  Please DO NOT take your child home before they swim in their designated relay.  This would cause disappointment on the part of the other relay teammates.   Freestyle Relay: Four swimmers each swim freestyle.  However, the distance swum differs by age group.   Medley Relay: Four swimmers participate, each of whom swims a different stroke:  Backstroke (BA) > Breaststroke (BR) > Butterfly (FL) and Freestyle (FR). 
  • How will I know if practice is canceled?  If practice is canceled due to weather conditions, we will send out email and text notifications to all member families as quickly as possible.  Please be aware that sometimes weather conditions worsen after practice has started and the decision to cancel practice is made midway through.
  • Can siblings use the pool or baby pool during morning practices?  NO, children are not permitted to use the pool, baby pool, or water features during morning swim practices.  Swimmers may only be in the pool during their designated practice times and are asked to leave the pool area when their practice is complete.  This is important for maintaining safety and to allow the Coaches to focus on the swimmers attending practice.
  • How important are my volunteer hours? Unlike any other kind of sports team, Swim Team and its functions rely entirely upon the assistance of the parents.  It takes more than 30 volunteers to run a single meet; therefore, everyone's help is needed.  You will be assigned volunteer hours noted on the Volunteer Schedule.  Your fulfillment of these hours is vital to each swim meet.  If you cannot perform your designated job at a meet, you MUST find your own replacement, along with notifying one of the Volunteer Coordinators of any changes.  This also means that you need to make sure your own children are taken care of while you are doing your volunteer job. 
  • How to Mark Your Swimmers Arms? 
    • Names are listed alphabetically---find your swimmer(s) and events will be listed below each name.  
    • Write your last name across the bicep of the left arm.  This is to help deck manager line up swimmers.  
    • Use a black sharpie, make sure no sunscreen in on the arm before you sign.
    • On the LEFT arm between the elbow and wrist---write    "E     H      L"     on the top so you can write the info for each race below (Event-Heat-Lane).  This should be written lengthwise.  
    • Write so the swimmer can bend their arm and see their info. Make sure there is space between columns in case of changes.
    • For relays (Medley or Free) you need to note what position they swim (1, 2, 3 or 4).  This will be after the event notation in parenthesis (   ).  
    • Include the abbreviation of what stroke they're swimming so they remember on the blocks.  
    • The order of the MEDLEY RELAY IS:  (1)=BA (2)=BR (3)=FL (4)=FR   (Back, Breast, Fly, Free). 
    • Then you would go to next event # and write that info directly under the first....then following would be event # etc until complete.  
    • On other strokes simply abbreviate the event after the lane indicated (i.e. 50 BR, 50 FR, 100 FR).
    • If your swimmer is swimming an IM (INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY) make sure they know the order and write it if you need to (order is different than medley relay----IM is FL-BA-BR-FR (Fly, Back, Breast, Free).
    • Events are numbered sequentially during regular meets and indicate the stroke they are swimming by age group. Within an event, there can be multiple heats racing, heats are in sequential order.  
    • All swimmers in Heat 1 race at the same time.  All swimmers in Heat 2 race next at the same time.
    • Lane indicates the lane number they are swimming in.  The starting blocks are numbered.

If you have questions after you review an available heat sheet, please do not GUESS---find the coach and ask.  

Important Note: Changes can be made up to the start of the meet. The Clerk of Course or the Coaches will have one of the final copy for you to review if it is not posted at the pool. The 'final' heat sheet cannot be provided to you.

Parents: Sharpie can transfer to the seats in your car when they travel home from the meet and some kids like to mark cute sayings on their back. I recommend you have them wear a shirt or towel to prevent sharpie from transferring to your car seats.