Critical Positions

These positions are a full season commitment.

President | Team Operations | Collaborate with the coach and other operational team members to have a successful summer.

  • Supervision of the Viperfish overall business and finances. Shall see that all orders and resolutions of the Board are carried into effect. 
  • Represents Viperfish at Viperfish HOA Board meetings, including reviews of meeting agenda.
  • Presides at meetings and oversee the Parent Organization.
  • Responds to Registration related emails from parents.

Vice President | Co-Lead Team Operations - split into 2 positions | Assist President to collaborate with the coach and other operational team members to have a successful summer.

  • Fills all duties and roles of President if unavailable or in the absence of President to fulfill these responsibilities.
  • Parent Liaison:
    • Serves as point of contact between the Board, Parents and Coaching staff;
    • Disseminates communications to the team via email, or any other means deemed appropriate.
    • Ensures all families and swimmers abide by the team Code of Conduct during practices, meets and team activities.
    • Oversees the Parent Volunteers - 
      • Ensures all Volunteers are properly signed up for a meet
      • Assists other Board members with their duties on an ad-hoc basis
  • Helps Meet Manager:
    • Coordinates all the volunteers necessary to run a swim meet
    • Ensures all meet equipment is available and in good operating condition
    • Assists volunteers with setup and cleanup of the pool before and after swim meets
    • Ensures families meet team obligations
  • Selects Team Swimsuit and End of Season Awards vendors. Work with team for agreement and treasurer on budget for winner and participant awards.
  • Coordinates team pictures and schedules with vendor. Communicate with parents/coaches and be present on picture day by the pool to help the photographer. 

Secretary | Team Operations | Prepares meeting and require documents to the Team

  • Maintains copy of the Organizational By-Laws and Parent's Handbook.
  • Prepares agenda and records minutes at Board Meetings.
  • Prepares registration forms and conduct registration process.
  • Oversees or creates Organization correspondences, as necessary.  

Treasurer | Team Operations | Works with the team's non-profit organization. Setups up registrations, works budgets, and prepares team taxes. Treasure works directly with the president.

  • Receives and disburses the Organization's funds as directed by the Board. Remits such funds for deposit in the regular accounts maintained in the name of Viperfish, and keeps records of such transactions.
  • Prepares budget and share annual budget (revenue and expenses) with LVII HOA
  • Furnishes the Board with updates on financial status at each Meeting.
  • Helps with Registration related emails from parents, approve registrations and cancellations. Ensures all cancellations are approved by the Treasurer only.
  • Oversees Fundraising activities 

Team Representative | Meet Operations | Collaborate with coordinators to run successful meets

  • Represents Viperfish interests at League meeting and serve as liaison between Viperfish and the ODSL League.  This position involves knowing the ODSL rules.
  • Attends all ODSL meetings and inform the Board as to the agenda items discussed, any votes taken, and the position he/she took on said items.  The Team Rep shall bear in mind that certain issues should be determined by the Board and seek tabling our vote to ODSL when it appears that circumstances warrant.
  • Contacts opposing team's Team Rep three days in advance of meet and coming to an agreement on availability of officials and warm-up procedures and communicating deadline for meet entries file to computer operator.
  • Prepares and sends pre-meet to entire team with meet related information (date, time, place, directions, warm-up times, etc.) at least one day before the Meet.
  • Serves as an official at a dual meet only if that representative appoints an 'Acting Team Representative' to serve in his/her capacity at such dual meet.
  • Works with the Head Coach during the meet or before a meet to figure out any issues that may arise. Field questions during practices and meets for the coaches. 
  • Signs off on the official meet sheet with the Referee and opposing team's Team Rep to certify that the meet results are final and that the meet has concluded.
  • Responsible for lodging protests involving questions of League Rules and Irregular entries, questions of fact such as turns, strokes and other swimming technicalities to the Referee. Serves on a 'Protest Committee' if appointed by the League President to resolve League rules and Irregularities entries protests.

Computer Operator | Official Meet Operations | Responsible for ALL Data of the meet and coordinate computer operations coverage at each meet.

  • Prepares pre-meet, manages official meet software during meets and posts results at each meet.  
  • Prepares meet reports and end of season reports, as needed. 
  • Prints ribbon stickers and distribution of ribbons to swimmers.
  • Represents the Viperfish interests to Team Unify and serves as liaison between Viperfish and Team Unify. Assist to manage Team Unify website.  
  • Updates Board on all computer related business. Order printing supplies as needed.

Meet Manager | Official Meet Operations | Coordinates all volunteers necessary to run a swim meet.

  • Ensures all meet equipment is available and in good operating condition.
  • Ensures all required staff set up and clean up of the pool before and after swim meets.
  • Ensures families meet team obligations. 

Fundraising Coordinator | Team Operations | Works to get the team more sponsorship opportunities

Official Coordinator | Official Meet Operations | This is the senior official responsible for the overall conduct of the meet and for all other officials at the meet. 

Head Coach | Official Meet Operations | Management of coaching staff, practices, team communications, and team spirit.