To develop and promote competitive swimming for all ages and abilities, to encourage health and fitness, and to develop athletes with high self respect and sportsmanship in the sport of swimming and the community of Dulles Farms in a nationally recognized program.


  • Improve and expand the aquatics program in the Dulles Farms Community, while maintaining quality.
  • Provide a positive environment to develop competitive swimmers.
  • Provide swimmers the opportunities to grow and achieve their ultimate potential in swimming – High School, College, State, National and International.
  • Teach and develop individual character and team spirit through swimming.
  • Promote good health for the mind and body.
  • Foster outstanding volunteer support.


  • Establish and provide a team structure for competitive training at all levels.
  • Educate swimmers in sportsmanship and team building.
  • Provide team spirit through organized group activities.
  • Employ outstanding coaches.
  • Provide instruction on nutrition.
  • Provide an affordable swimming program.
  • Establish structured parent education.
  • Obtain and ensure quality pool access.
  • Maintain open communication with the community.