The Stratford Sea Otters are back for the 2021 season! This team has been established to introduce the Stratford community and surrounding neighborhoods to summer swim team opportunities. I believe swimming is an invaluable life tool, and that everyone in Loudoun County that can be involved in swimming and reap the benefits from the sport, should have the opportunity.

We are building the team with strong senior swimmers, lots of fun and energetic 4-18 year olds. Additionally, a very special part of the team...the minis! These are special little swimmers who love the water and are like little sponges, ready to learn the ABC's of swim team with fun.

All swimmers must be able to complete one length of the pool, unaided. 

My name is Teresa Pliuskaitis. I am a coach and the owner of SNOW Swimming, Loudoun's Premier Year Round Swim Team. I have lived in Loudoun County since 1996 and recently moved to Great Falls. I founded and ran Spring Lakes Dolphins for 10 seasons.

I love swimming, it is my life and I think everyone should SWIM HAPPY!!!!!

The Stratford pool is located at 301 Whipp Dr SE, Leesburg, VA 20175