Coaches and Directors

Coaches and Directors
Coaching Staff
Samantha Pliuskaitis Head Coach

Hi Sea Otters!! My name is Samantha but you can call me Coach Sam. I am 20 years old, 2 years into my college career and just finished applying to the Vet Tech program at NVCC. The goal is to be a vet, I’m just taking the scenic route. I have been involved in swimming my whole life. My mom owns Snow Swimming and my dad started teaching me about correct body position and technique at age 6. I’ve been coaching for about 8 years now, for the Otters as well as Snow. I have been with the Otters since the beginning and I’m so excited to see how much you guys have grown. I’m hoping you’re not taller then me yet. If you ever have any questions, my email is above. I’m stoked for this season! Get excited and go Otters!

Reese Lechelt Assistant Head Coach

Hello Otters! My name is Reese, I am in high school. I am so excited to be coaching for the Stratford Sea Otters. I have been swimming since I was 2 years old. I have been on the Otters for 5 seasons, this year will be my 6th year. I swim during the school year for Machine Aquatics and my high school Loudoun County. I am super excited for this upcoming season!

Charlotte Smith Assistant Head Coach

Hi Otters! My name is Charlotte Smith, and I am a co-assistant coach! I am going into my senior year at Independence High School. Also, I have been taking Early Childhood Education since my freshman year. I am 16 years old and have been on the otters team since I was 7. I was a Jr Coach last year as well and I had an awesome time. I am lifeguard certified, and have worked with kids on many occasions.  I love to swim and have been doing it for forever!  I joined SNOW Swimming when I was 10, and have been swimming year around and summer swim ever since. I love teaching kids the sport I love, especially since it is also a valuable lesson and safety skill! I cant wait to coach again for the otters this year! This summer will be so fun!

Sarah McFadden Assistant Coach

Hello Sea Otters, my name is Sarah. I'm 15 years old and I have been swimming since I was 6. My favorite stroke is Butterfly. I've previously swam for the Evergreen Meadows Makos and Stealth swim team. I've been swimming year round with Snow for 2 years and now Machine for 1 year. This is my third year being an Otter. I'm super excited to be a Jr coach and look forward to meeting everyone. Also I will never say no to a race, especially a Butterfly race. Go Otters!

Marah Burnes Assistant Coach

Hi Otters! My name is Marah Burnes and I’m so excited to be coaching for the otters this year. I currently swim for the Blue Waves year round and at Stone Bridge High School. I also work as a swim instructor for a local swim academy so I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge and love for swimming with the kids. Go Otters!!

Fritz Lechelt Junior Coach

Hi Otters! My name is Fritz and I will be coaching the minis this year. This is my first official year coaching and I'm super excited to learn and have some fun!

Elijah Popp Junior Coach

Hey Otters! I am going to be a minis coach this year. I'm excited to finally be able to spread my knowledge about swimming and help the younger generation fall in love with it. I'm so excited for this season!

Board of Directors
Meka Nadeau Stratford Team Representative
Leslie McFadden Computer Operator
Scott Nadeau Head Official
Teresa Meike Team Manager