CCC History

The Campolindo Cabana Club swim team started in the Campolindo neighborhood in 1968. The developer used the pool and the swim team as a marketing strategy to entice young families to buy homes in the Campolindo development. Two original homeowners, Bob Merritt and Fred Weil, were instrumental in acquiring the land and overseeing construction for the second (meter) pool, which was completed in 1974 and allowed the swim team to continue to grow.

Local realtor Glenn Beaubelle was one of the first pool managers at CCC. John Pettibone and Tom Meyer were two of the early swim team coaches. Current CCC dads Mike Arth (Megan) and Steve Bartis (Tyler & Grant) are our alums--they both swam on the team in the early 70's.

For many years, Campolindo homeowner Barbara Evans was a dedicated leader, first with her husband Gary in running the swim team and later as pool manager. Barbara also taught mini marlins for 8 years and became the Cabana Club pool manager in 1981, a position she held for 17 years. Barbara's two daughters, Kelly and Carrie, were fantastic swimmers and Kelly went on to compete in the Olympic trials in breaststroke in 1988.

The Cabana Club has had many outstanding swimmers throughout the years, and Dawn Williams (1989, 11/12 50 free: 25.46) and Vivian Tsai (1986, 9/10 50 breast: 35.78) until very recently held OMPA meet records. CCC standout Eric Johnson set an OMPA meet record in 2004 in the 13/14 50 free, going 22.76. Former CCC swimmers Kathy Sheehy and Heather Petrie went on to play water polo and win silver medals as members of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Women's Water Polo team.

Closer to home in the year 2000, the Swim Board recognized the need for new leadership and direction, and hired neighbor Andrea Ward as head coach. After working with the strong staff at Sleepy Hollow, Andrea brought fresh (and orange) ideas, a powerful presence, drive and determination to the swimmers at CCC. To build a qualified staff, she thought we should take advantage of the pool of OA kids working out at the newly built Soda Aquatic Center. They couldn't swim for us, but Andrea understood--via the influence of her own coach, Ron Heidary--that a renewed focus on technique was what our team needed to be competitive and stay current. It was the beginning of a new CCC tradition of hiring kids that are outstanding swimmers and technicians from both inside and outside our neighborhood.

Today the Campolindo Cabana Club Marlin coaches and swimmers still take their swimming seriously, with quite a few kids making top 8 or 16 at the OMPA Championship Meet. Several have also gone on to be very successful at the County meet and in their high school & college swimming careers. Many of our swimmers and their families continue to bring their commitment to the team and enjoyment of the CCC swimming experience back to the Cabana Club year after year. We are proud of all of them, from the youngest mini marlins to our graduating seniors--our Marlins are marvelous!!

We are also very proud of our energetic young coaching staff (many of them long-time CCC swimmers) and their continuing efforts to provide CCC Marlin kids with instruction and fun during the summer. Their achievements in and out of the water, along with their individual strengths & personalities, give us much to splash about!

Finally, we have some behind the scenes supporters who deserve recognition: the current and past CCC Swim Team Boards--all of whom have gone above and beyond the call of duty on many occasions to support team operations; the team parents, who consistently step up to keep the team ticking; the Campolindo Homeowner's Association Board, which is instrumental in keeping our facility in top condition; and finally, long time club neighbor and former swim parent Brad Ward, who not only oversees the day to day operation of the facility (chemistry, drainage, pool decks, heaters, landscaping, etc.), but also does numerous things to help the swim team run smoothly (plugging in the coffee pot early on Saturday mornings, technical assistance (e.g. sound & lights), getting a new storage shed, equipment replacement, garbage disposal, etc.). Brad and his wife Marie have consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty in support of the team, the swimmers and keeping swimming alive and well in the Campolindo neighborhood. For that, we'd like to dedicate this OMPA 50th Anniversary CCC history to Brad & Marie Ward, in appreciation of their community spirit and dedication to chlorination (and our swim team)... you're the best!!



Tom McInerny Award

  • Tom McInerny and his wife, Jackie, were long time residents of the Campolindo community. In fact, they were the first residents of their home and bought the house while it was still being built.  Tom was born, raised and educated in San Francisco. He served in the Navy in WWII, on the SFPD, and then became a lawyer, continuing his legacy of service. He was also on the board of the Northern California Defense Association and the Oakland Diocese School Board.  Tom and Jackie raised four kids in Campolindo where he gave his time to the HOA and swim team boards.  
  • Tom was a staple at the Cabana Club, swimming (or slowly floating) laps, enjoying his time most when the swim team and neighborhood kids were present.  He was in his element at the pool, welcoming new neighbors and old, talking with the kids, and enjoying meeting the same people over and over again... sometimes for the first time.  Tom exemplified community, openness, friendship and a welcoming community - he was good people.
  • This award is for an outstanding "member" of the swim team family who without their hours of work and dedication, the Swim Team could not function.  We named this award to honor the service legacy and the spirit of a welcoming community that Tom McInerny personified.
    2009 John Kaiser
    2010 Devon O'Brien
    2011 Dave Singh
    2012 Brad Ward
    2013 Paul Gessling & Jim Sauerberg
    2014 Pat Moran
    2015 Stacie Coates
    2016 Stacy Ahearn
    2017 Summer Cooper Westhuyzen
    2018 Craig Rogers
    2019 Deanne Pearn
    2021 Richelle Serrano