Awards & Incentives

CCC’s awards and incentives program celebrates the achievements and team spirit of our swimmers. Recognitions are done throughout the season, and culminates with Awards Night at the end of the season. Contact the  Awards Director for any questions about our awards and incentives program.

In Season

When a swimmer achieves a new in-season personal record in a stroke, the swimmer has “popped” their previous time. CCC celebrates pops throughout the season by tracking each swimmer’s pops on our “Pop Board” posted at the pool. CCC also sets pop milestones and hosts teamwide celebrations once a milestone is achieved.

Time Standard Achievements.   Time standards are set by OMPA where swimmers can achieve Bronze, Silver, and Gold times. CCC celebrates a new time standard achievement with lapel pins. Pins are distributed only for the first instance a new Bronze, Silver, or Gold time is achieved. 

Gold Times. A Gold time in a stroke qualifies a swimmer for the   Contra Costa County Championship Swim Meet. CCC celebrates this achievement with an exclusive CCC Gold Cap.

Awards Night

Following the  OMPA Championship Meet, CCC hosts Awards Night to celebrate team and individual achievements. Awards categories include Top Pops, Top Scorer, Most Improved, and more.