What’s a Pop?

A “pop” is a new personal best time in a given stroke. Pops are earned once a swimmer has a seed time in the current swim season. Typically, seed times are set during the CCC Time Trials or at the first meet a swimmer competes in. Personal best times do not carry over from previous seasons. 
We track the number of pops for each swimmer on a Pop Chart posted at the pool. To motivate the team, we’ve established pop milestones at the individual and teams levels. Rewards such as a special Pop Swim Cap, Personalized Towel, and special team celebrations are used to commemorate improvements. 
Note that there are different time standards depending on whether the time was achieved at a meter pool (like at CCC) or a yard pool (like most other pools in the league).
Swimmers may view their Pop totals at the  OMPA League database.