CCC - Campolindo Cabana Club

Age Group - A swimmer's age group is determined by the swimmer's age as of June 15 of the current summer season. 

Team Unify Website - Primary website for the Campolindo Cabana Club team. (

Clerk of the Course - An area where swimmers are organized before their events and assigned to lanes (usually at invitational meets only)

Colorado Timing System - An automatic timing system using wireless stopwatches to time individual swims. The times are wirelessly sent to the Colorado system and then to the meet timing computer where results are calculated. This system increases accuracy of results.

"DQ" or Swimmer Given a Yellow Slip -Disqualification of a swimmer from an event as determined by the stroke and turn judge. DQ’s may occur for illegal starts, illegal strokes, illegal turns or illegal finishes. False starts in relays are also DQ’s.

Desk -The location of the meet timing computer.  It is staffed for each meet by the computer team & meet director.  This is where all timing and scoring is tabulated.  All changes to the meet line-up must be reported to the desk.

Family folders - A file folder for each swim team family in one of two file boxes normally kept in the pool or coaches’ office. Folders are in alphabetical order. Please check these folders regularly for important notices and ribbons.

Event – An event consists of a specific gender (boys/girls), age group and stroke.  All heats consisting of the same gender-age-stroke combination are considered part of a single event.
Example: Boys 7-8 Free is one event with any number of individual heats.  

Heat - One heat = one “race” of as many as 10 swimmers of the same gender in the same age group swimming the same event at the same time. The number of swimmers depends on the size of the pool and the number of swimmers entered into each event. In events where there are more swimmers than pool lanes, the swimmers will be placed in multiple heats based on entered times.

The standard OMPA pool can support 6 swimmers per heat.  Some of the larger OMPA pools can support 8, 9 or 10 swimmers per heat.

Individual Medley (IM) - In the Individual Medley.  The swimmer swims a lap of each of butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle in that order.

Invitational Meets - Weekend meet with more than two teams. An entry fee is required for each swimmer. These meets offer the best opportunity for fast swimming.

The standard invitational meets are: 1) MVP Bottoms-Up, 2) Meadow Mini, 3) Tri-Meet/OPP Relays, 4) Sleepy Hollow “B” Meet, 5) OMPA Championships and 6) County Championships.

Meter Pool - A 25-meter pool is 27.5 yards long. To convert a meter time into a yard time, divide the meter time by 1.11. Campo Cabana Club is the only remaining meter pool.

Yard Pool - A 25-yard pool is 22.5 meters long. To convert a yard time into a meter time, multiply the yard time by 1.11. Campo Cabana Club is the only remaining meter pool.

OMPA - The Orinda Moraga Pool Association is the governing body for the member pools. All meets are coordinated and scheduled through the OMPA. It consists of 9 member teams in the Orinda-Moraga area:

  Campolindo Cabana Club (CCC)
  Meadow (MEAD),
  Miramonte (MIRA)
  Moraga Country Club (MCC)
  Moraga Ranch (MRSC)
  Moraga Valley (MVP),
  Orinda Country Club (OCC)
  Orinda Park Pool (OPP)
  Sleepy Hollow (SH)

Meet Points - Points are awarded to each team participating in a meet based on individual swimmer placement. “B” meets are not scored.  Refer to “Meet Info” (DUAL MEETS) FAQ page for details.

Time Classifications: Bronze, Silver and Gold Times - Swimmers can qualify for bronze, silver or gold times based on their best times in each event. The qualifying times are established at the beginning of each season with the gold time being the County Meet qualifying time for that age group in an event.

Touch Pad - A pad that is placed on the pool wall in each lane at the finish end of the pool. These pads electronically calculate swimmer’s times when they are touched.  Touch pads are usually used at championship meets.

Seeding –The manner in which swimmers are arranged in a swim meet. On the CCC website refer to the “Meets & Jobs” tab, “Dual Meet Info” page for details.

Seed Time – The seed time is the fastest time the swimmer obtained in the past for a particular event. This time determines who the swimmer competes against, which heat they'll compete in and which lane the swimmer is assigned.