CCC Marlins Update Week of June 27th 2022

Lauren Carter

Hey Marlin Families!

Can you believe we’re staring down the 4th of July break already??? What used to feel like the beginning of the season is now solidly a mid-term break. So enjoy that down time and buckle up for a sprint to OMPA!! But first, I have a very important service announcement:


5 of Many Reasons to Raise your Hand...

  1. You really don’t need much experience. If you have even just one season of swim team under your belt, you are ready!! (Everyone thinks they don’t know enough. NOT TRUE. Trust me, you are ready.)
  2. There really aren’t a bunch of other people waiting in the wings who know more / have more time / have less other commitments / have less kids / have older kids / have easier home lives / understand all the ins and outs / fill-in-the-blank. We are all in this together, figuring it out as we go.
  3. It’s a fantastic way to get to know your neighbors and contribute to making your community what you want it to be.
  4. You won’t be alone - there is an awesome swim team board of other parents JUST LIKE YOU that is FUN get to know and work with as you all work together to make the swim season a good experience for our kids.
  5. Your kids will love that you have unfettered access to all the stuff at the pool :)

Interested? Feeling even the littlest bit curious about what it might look like? Don’t be shy! Feel free to reach out to Mark or myself or anybody on the board to hear more. And remember, the jobs and the team are all what we make of them! 

Your team thanks you for being willing to consider this fun opportunity!!



In this week’s update:

1.    Holiday Swim Practice Schedules

2.    RSVP Now for Poker Night 7/9!!

3.   Meet Commitment Deadlines: MINI MEET IS TODAY!!

4.   Sign up for your OMPA Job Now

5.  Social Activites Coming Up 

6.    Latest Meet Accomplishments 

7.    Private Lessons Update


1. REMINDER: 4th of July Break

  • NO swim activities for ALL swimmers on July 1 – July 4th
  • Mini’s and Learn To Swim have no activities from June 28th – July 4th
  • NO SWIM MEET WED 6/29 OR SAT 7/2 . 


2. Adult Social Activity Sign Ups Reminder – RSVP deadline approaching!

  • Saturday 7/9: Poker Night –Come one come all! CCC Poker night is not just for cardsharks!! Beginners and experts, Moms and Dad, neighbors and cousins all welcome! 
  • Sunday 7/24: Mom’s Wellness Morning. Come to the pool for some Sunday morning relaxing and socializing while enjoying Pilates and Mimosas!

3. Meet Commitment Deadlines: Once we get back from the break, the swim season will be a blur!!  PLEASE make sure to commit your swimmers by the deadlines! 

  • The Meadow Mini Meet (5-8 year olds only) Deadline is TODAY
  • Wednesday, June 29th is the Deadline for the Moraga Ranch Meet on July 6th
  • Saturday, July 2nd is the Deadline for the MCC meet on July 9th


4. Reminder: OMPA Jobs Open for Sign Up - Deadline is Wed 7/13!!

As a reminder every family, excluding Mini-only families, is required to fill one OMPA job. This is in addition to your regular season job commitment

A Special Request from the Board: We also ask that even if your child is not swimming, that you still sign-up for one job. In the event that you have another commitment, we ask that you hire a Substitute worker. Running the OMPA Meet takes a considerable amount of volunteers and your commitment to fill one job makes it possible for this Meet to occur. Thank you for all your help in making this a great Season Finale Event for the team!

Reminder: Job subs list can be found on the CCC website under the Meets tab,   here

5. Social Activities! 

Thanks so much to all the parents who helped out with making Family Bingo Night and Buddy Night so fun for all participants!! These nights are super popular but also require planning and executing so we are super appreciative of all the volunteer efforts!

  • Next up: Movie night for 8 and under on July 7thPlease RSVP by Friday July 1st so we can get the correct count for refreshments.


6.  Pentathlon and Bottoms Up Successes!

  • 23 pops from MVP Bottoms Up meet
  • 114 pops from Miramonte meet
  • Ring pops and medal time pins through the MVP Bottoms Up meet are available in the family folders



Check out our lesson website: for availability with your preferred coach or try somebody new! Lessons are 20 minutes long and range from $12 for a coach-in-training, to $30 for head coaches. We will continue to add more coaches and availability as needed. Please book 48 hours in advance to give our coaches ample notice and also please check the Covid19 and cancellation policy on booking."

Job Opportunity!!!! Our lessons coordinator, Summer Westhuyzen, is retiring after this season so if you are interested in this adjunct board level position for next year, which exempts normal job commitments outside OMPA, please contact her at [email protected] to learn more!"


Go Marlins!

Beth Chang on behalf of the CCC Swim Team Board 

**Feel free to reach out via text or call at 415-235-3636 to hear more about becoming our new Team President!**