CCC Marlins Weekly Update July 17th 2022

Lauren Carter

Hey Marlin Families!


Mark will be hanging up his board president swim goggles at the end of this season. 

Your team thanks you for being willing to consider this fun opportunity!!


Welcome to the last regular week of the swim season! Next week is Spirit Week, then we finish Marlin-Strong at OMPA 7/29-31. Read on for all the fun activities coming up and make sure to read details about upcoming events to make sure you RSVP / prepare as needed!

In this week’s update:

1. Tuesday 7/19: “Last Chance to Pop” Meet (AKA Intrasquad) details!

2a. Wednesday 7/20: 13+ After Dark Movie Float In 8pm

2b. Friday 7/21: Mini Marlin End-of-Season “Meet” and Celebration

2c. Friday 7/21: 1000 POPs Celebration for the whole team 1-4pm!

2d. Sunday 7/24: Mom’s Wellness Morning at the Pool

3. Friday 7/21: Final Dive and Turn Clinic 4:15-5pm

4. Spirit Week Preview

5. OMPA Event Requests Due Wed 7/20!

6. Sunday 8/21: CCC Awards Recognition Event 4-6pm

7. Sleepy B Results and Appreciation


1. “Last Chance to Pop”Meet Tuesday 7/10:  A swimmer asked me yesterday, “Is Tuesday’s meet a ‘real’ meet or a ‘fun’ meet?” The answer? “BOTH!!!”.  Tuesday’s meet is CCC Orange vs. CCC Black, and will resemble Time Trials. All regular events will be swum and times are recorded!! In addition, there will be some additional events showing up in the meet order that are unique to this meet……..


Meet order as follows:

  • IM, Free RelayCoaches RelayBreast, BackFamily RelayFlyFree Relay
  • Parents - please come prepared as it is likely your swimmer will manage to convince you that you should compete in the Family Relay! Don’t say you weren’t warned……..



*13+ After-Dark Movie Float in Wed 7/20 8pm! : Calling all 13+ swimmers and coaches, please join us at the pool (after it closes) and bring your floaty! We will provide a drink and a treat, and will play a movie while you lounge in the pool. Floaty crocodiles from Buddy Night will be attending. ;)  PS: If you have a giant float we can borrow for our amazing teens and coaches, please bring it to the pool! We will take good care of it and return it! 


*End-of-Season Mini Marlin Meet and Celebration Friday 7/22! This is a Not-to-be-Missed special graduation for all our Mini Marlins! Come watch your Mini show off the swimming skills they’ve worked so hard on all summer. After the meet there will be an ice cream sundae celebration just for them. Your kids will not want to miss out. Each swimmer will receive a medal, and a few other goodies.

  • Please RSVP on the team website by signing your child into the meet so we can plan the meet, and order enough ice cream (To do this - Click on the event, then choose “Edit Commitment”. Click on your child’s name, and then under “Declaration”, choose “Yes”). Email me with questions!! (If it says registration has passed, just click OK and continue). 
  • Alternatively, let Coach Christina know if your child WILL NOT be there. Thanks!


*1000 POPs SPECIAL EVENT!!!!! 
To celebrate this huge milestone, the coaches have ordered a GIANT WATER JUMPY SLIP N SLIDE for all swimmers this  Friday 7/22 from 12-4pm. The kids are not going to want to miss this!

*Mom’s Wellness Morning Sunday 7/24 10am: Thanks to those who RSVPd for our 10am 7/24 Mom’s Wellness Morning. The amazing Dina Ricksen will lead a mat Pilates class, then we can have mimosas to celebrate surviving her ab workout. ;) Bring your mat, please! If you forgot to RSVP and would like to join us, check in with Cori Constantine so we can add you.


3. Final Dive and Turn Clinic Friday 4:15-5pm

The cost is $5 per swimmer and you can sign in at the clinic. You will be charged on the back end.


4. Spirit Week Preview: 
Next week we ramp down a bit on practice difficulty, and we ramp UP on spirit building!! Please check the calendar for a detailed list of info. Here are some highlights:

  • Monday: Post-practice Breakfast and Car Decorating
  • Mon-Thurs: Secret Pals Week
  • Tues: Team Arts & Crafts
  • Wed: Pasta Feed and Skit Night
  • Thurs: Tattoos and Nail Painting


5. OMPA: We are almost there!!! Next Sunday, you will be receiving a lengthy update on all things OMPA.  This will include information about swim specific activities, including times. In addition, more general information, i.e. parking, team areas, live streaming info, etc.  Finally, it will also include information for a number of our volunteers. 

Just a reminder of the basic schedule:

  • Friday – Individual Medley & 100 Free Style (15-18’s only)
  • Saturday – Free, Breast, and Free Style Relays 
  • Sunday – Back, Fly, and Medley Relays



Swimmers can check off the events they would like to swim at OMPA, up until Wednesday. 6&unders only swim 2 individual events. 7&ups swim 3 individual events. Relays are decided day of the meet. If unable to make it to the pool by Wednesday, please email Tati requests. We will take requests into consideration; however, coaches have final say.


6. Awards Night Save the Date Reminder! 

CCC Awards Recognition Night is Sunday, August 21st.  The time of the event will be approximately 4:00-6:00 p.m.


7. Sleepy B Invitational Meet Results!

Another solid invitational for the team at the Sleepy B on Sunday! The team finished in 7th Place, which was our best result in a number of years. Some great individual performances today too, with five 1st Place Finishes! Congratulations to these swimmers who finished in the top 5 in their respective events:

  • Kyla B. – 1st Place – 7/8 Breast
  • Emma C. – 1st Place – 7/8 Free
  • Leela C. – 1st Place – 9/10 Fly
  • Rylan G – 1st Place – 11/12 Fly
  • Max S. – 1st Place 9/10 Back
  • Zihan Z. – 3rd Place – 7/8 Fly
  • Rylan G. – 4th Place – 11/12 Breast
  • Zaven P. – 5th Place – 11/12 Breast
  • Zihan Z. – 5th Place – 7/8 Back


Go Marlins!

- Beth Chang on behalf of the CCC Swim Team Board. Feel free to reach out via text or call at 415-235-3636 to hear more about becoming our new Team President!