CCC Marlins Weekly Update August 23, 2022: SURVEY TIME!!!!

Lauren Carter

Hello Marlin Families!

Wow! You blink and it's over. I hope everyone had a memorable swim season this year. Thanks for the big turnout Sunday for Awards Night, it's so fun to bring the team back one last time and appreciate all of the accomplishments and progress made over the season. A special thanks goes out to Brain My for all his work on the Awards Night & all of the recognition of our swimmers throughout the season! 

We have just a few housekeeping items for everyone below, including one BIG ASK......

1. THE ASK: Please fill out the year end Survey!! This team is one enormous volunteer effort, and we all want to make sure that everyone's time and energy focuses on the right priorities for our Swim Families. Please use the survey to let the Board know what's working, what you'd like to see more/less of, and of course if there are ways you'd like to get more involved in making the magic happen!  Please know your input is truly valued. It's not always easy to put great ideas into motion, but let's try!! Also feel free to reach out directly to a board member with thoughts either live or via email.

2. Here is the OMPA Video – Thanks to Lera and Aleksei Kharlamov!

3. Here is the Year End Slide Show – Special Thanks to Coach Shannon!
4. Fall Swim Sign ups close Wednesday, August 30  th,   please sign up on the CCC website.

5. Family Folders – final pick up by Sunday.  They will include all the awards/medals for the swimmers that were not at the awards night.

And that's a wrap..... hope everyone enjoys the pool for the next couple of months!! We'll reach out a few more times this year with survey results, board position information, initial thoughts for next season, and anything else that comes up. See you on the pool deck soon!

-Beth Chang on behalf of the 2022 Swim Team Board