Refer to the Pool Rules PDF document on the Campolindo HOA website for the complete text.

Rules Regarding Use Of Facilities (Excerpt from official document.)

  • All members and caregivers must sign in upon entering Cabana Club grounds. Members and guests are expected to leave the Cabana Club by the closing time specified by the Pool Staff. Children under the age of 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult or caregiver while at the Cabana Club. 
  • A rest period will be called 10 minutes before each hour. At that time, the lifeguard goes off duty for a mandatory break or to attend to other tasks. Swimmers under 14 years old are required to exit the pool at this time. 
  • The following are standard pool rules designed to address health and safety issues and to ensure the enjoyment of our pool facility by all members and guests.
    • No running on the pool deck.
    • No pushing or throwing people into the pool.
    • No dunking other swimmers, no chicken fights.
    • No roller skating, skateboarding, scootering, or bike riding on the pool deck.
    • No baseballs, golf balls, super balls, or other hard balls.
    • No squirt guns.
    • No climbing on the lifeguard chair or playing with the lifeguard equipment.
    • No diving in the shallow area in front of the lifeguard stand.
    • No treading water in front of the diving board.
    • No potentially hazardous equipment, including air mattresses or large floats, is allowed in the pool. The judgment of the Pool Staff shall govern the use of potentially hazardous equipment.
    • No cut-off jeans in the pool. The wearing of shirts as sun protection will be allowed unless prohibited by the Pool Staff.
    • No eating or drinking in or right next to the pool.
    • No smoking on the facility’s grounds. No gum chewing or tobacco chewing while in the pool.
    • No pets.
    • No tampering with pool equipment.
    • No playing in the bathrooms or showers.
    • No trespassing when the pool is closed. 

    ​​A swimmer may not dive off the diving board unless he or she has passed the swim test.

  •  Only one person at a time is allowed on the diving board.

    No diving off the side of the diving board is permitted. All dives must be straight off the board.

    The previous person on the diving board must reach the side of the pool or be at least 15

    feet away from the edge of the board before the next diver may dive.

    No one should dive into the pool if any individual is close to the end of the diving board.

    A diver may not carry a flotation device or other object when diving off the board.

    Use of glass containers is prohibited. Members and guests must clean up any spills and trash from items they bring to the pool. 

    Members are allowed to move chairs and tables within the Cabana Club grounds. Anyone who moves furniture must return it to its normal placement before leaving the pool for the day.

    The play structure next to the basketball court is not under the supervision of the lifeguards. Children play on the structure at their own risk. Parents are responsible for the safety of their own children and guests. 

    The office and concessions area is to be used by adults and employees only. All other persons under the age of 18 must have permission of the Pool Staff to enter the office or concessions area.