2022 Spring Clinic Schedule

We encourage swimmers to embrace the opportunity of re-acclimating to the water and practice good stroke technique before the season begins. 

Spring Clinic Schedule

Monday, March 7th to Thursday, April 22

Days of the Week:                      Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

Cost for Spring Clinics:         $200

Spring Clinic Schedule 

4-4:30 8&u Group 1  

4:30-5 8&u Group 2  

5-5:30 8&u Group 3  

5:30-6 9-12’s  

6-6:30 9-12’s  

6:30-7:15 11-18’s 

For 8 and Unders, Spring Swim Assessments are March 1 & 2 from 4:30-5:30. Each assessment will be 5-10 minutes.  Families can drop in.