MCC Swim Team

Frequently Asked Questions


Is MCC a competitive team?

Yes. MCC is a competitive recreational swim team and a member of the OMPA (the Orinda-Moraga Pool Association). The philosophy of the MCC Swim Team is that each child will be provided an opportunity to compete at the highest level, while learning and growing within a positive team environment.


How is my child’s age group determined?

A child swims the age that he/she is on June 15th of that year.


How do I “Sign In” for a meet?

All of the meets for the summer season are listed on the MCC website (  Please look at your calendars and sign in for all meets your swimmer will be available to participate in over the summer, regardless of whether the meet is deemed A, A/B or B.  Coaches will populate the meet with as many eligible swimmers as they can.  The registration deadline is generally Wednesday for a Saturday meet, and Sunday for a Wednesday meet.  However, Invitational meets have a much earlier sign in deadline, so make sure you sign in as soon as you know your swimmers availability.  This will definitely help the coaches.


How do I know if my child is an “A” or “B” swimmer?

Typically, the 3 fastest swimmers in each event per age group are “A” swimmers. The remaining swimmers are considered “B” swimmers. This status can change throughout the summer as swimmers improve their times.  Whether a swimmer is considered "A" or "B" is determined meet by meet.  Please just sign in for all meets your swimmer is available to swim.

**This can also change for particular meets due to vacation sign outs. To see where your child ranks in a particular stroke on our team, check the Top Times portion of the results page on the team website.


How long is a meet?

Dual Meets (meets against one other swim team) last approximately 4 hours. Invitational Meets (meets in which a larger number of teams participate) are generally longer and times will be posted.


How will I be informed about swim team news and events?

We encourage you to visit the MCC Waves website DAILY for all current information at Additionally each family has a folder in the file boxes located near the tennis lounge window. It should be checked daily for forms, notices and ribbons. Also watch for posters announcing special events and check the swim team bulletin board for swimmer events. 


What should we bring to meets?

Going to a meet requires that you carry all of your gear to the spot where you and your friends will congregate with your swimmers. The following are helpful to have:

  • Extra Goggles
  • Towels (One for Warm-Ups, One for each swim)
  • Sweaters & Blankets (for a night meet)
  • Water


Should my swimmer do warm ups?

Yes, your swimmer is expected to swim the warm ups with the team unless otherwise directed by the coach. It helps him/her get the sense of the water and get into the flow of the meet. It also helps the coaches know who is present and accounted for at the meet.


How does my young swimmer get to the blocks?

The senior assistant coaches will call out for the various younger age groups (older age groups get themselves to the blocks). Get your child to the coach and let the coaches take over from there. If your child is hesitant, the coaches are wonderful at helping settle the swimmers and getting them in the water.


My child did not receive his/her ribbon. What should I do?

Contact the individual in charge of Awards and Ribbons listed on our committee page. Be prepared to tell her which meet it was, which event and which place ribbon you are missing.


What do I do if I can’t fulfill my job assignment?

You can make arrangements with another swim team family to switch assignments or you can hire a replacement by visiting the MCC website at The website will include a list of substitutes to contact.

Once you have made arrangements for a substitute, it is important that YOU contact the Meet Directors to let the Board know who will be filling your work assignment. Please remember – even though you make arrangements to have someone work for you, the responsibility for that shift is yours. If your replacement is late or doesn’t show, your MCC account will be charged.


Should I sign my swimmer up for lessons?

You can sign your child up for twice weekly lessons that continue to teach, on an individualized basis, the stroke technique focused on in practice. These lessons are taught by the senior coaching staff.


What is the OMPA Championship meet?

The OMPA is the Orinda-Moraga Pool Association. It consists of 10 teams in the Orinda-Moraga area: Meadow, Sleepy Hollow, Orinda Park Pool, Moraga Tennis & Swim, Moraga Valley, Moraga Ranch, Orinda Country Club, Campolindo Cabana, Miramonte and Moraga Country Club. The OMPA Championship, held in August, is the meet between swimmers from each of these swim teams. We encourage ALL MCC swimmers to participate in this end-of-the-season weekend meet. The OMPA Championship Meet is the largest recreational swimming championship in the country.


As a parent, what is my responsibility at the OMPA?

The OMPA is the culmination of the season’s swim activities. As such, all swimmers are strongly encouraged to attend and are prepared to do their best. Parents are asked to bring food for sharing in the team area. MCC is assigned duties at the meet by the OMPA; therefore, all families participating in the meet (including the parents of 15/18 year old swimmers) are expected to work at least one shift to fulfill MCC’s obligation.


What is the County Meet?

This is an opportunity for those swimmers who have achieved a county time to swim against the best recreational swimmers in the county. We look at this accomplishment as an honor that is earned by elite swimmers. As a team, we expect all county qualifiers to participate in this prestigious event. The County Meet also includes relays (relay entries are based on coaches’ decision and often include swimmers who are not individual county qualifiers).


Where will I find the swimming event assignments?

The event assignments will be posted on the team website the day before the meet. This indicates the swimmers’ heat and lane assignment.


What is the order of events in a dual (MCC vs. another team) meet?

Medley Relay, Individual Medley (IM), Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke, Butterfly, and Free Relay. The Medley Relay and Free Relay require 4 swimmers per relay team. The IM, Free, Breast, Back and Fly are all individual events.


What is the order of age groups for each event?

6 and under, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14, 15/18. Girls swim first within each age group. Boy and Girl relay teams often will swim at the same time but are scored separately.


What are the distances for individual events?

  • 8 & Under: 25 yards (1 pool length)
  • 9 & Up: 50 yards (2 pool lengths)
  • IM: (100 yards)

Campolindo Cabana is the only meter pool in the OMPA; all other pools in the league are yard pools. To convert a meter time to a yard time, divide the meter time by 1.11.


How do coaches decide which swimmers will be on the relays?

• Regular Season Meets – Relays will be made up of the swimmers with the fastest times up to the point when entries are submitted for the next week.

• OMPA and County Meets – While fastest times will be the primary consideration, other factors will be considered-- practice attendance, team commitment, and so forth. The coaches will make the final determination.


Race Disqualifications

During regular season “A” and “B” meets, swimmers can be disqualified for movement on the block just prior to the start of the race (false start); diving in prior to the start (false start); using an incorrect stroke or kick during a race; or for making an improper turn in a multi-lap heat. 9 & Ups are subject to disqualification during all meets. 7/8’s will be subject to disqualification guidelines for meets occurring after July 1. The guidelines apply for 6 and Unders after July 15.

Note: Swimmers, regardless of age, may be disqualified for the above listed infractions during Invitational Meets.