No Shows/Volunteer Commitments

Jamie Delaney

Good Morning MVP Families ~

MVP Families entered into a cooperative venture by signing up for swim team. We cannot succeed without everyone doing their part. I cannot express how important it is to show up for your volunteer commitments. Swim meets are 100% parent run and when someone doesn’t show up for their job it takes away from creating a positive experience for all involved.


Please take a moment to review MVP’s policies on “No Shows” and “Inability to Fulfill Volunteer Requirement”.


No Shows

  • Any person who does not show up on time for a dual meet work assignment will be fined $150.  This fine must be paid to the Swim Team Treasurer within two weeks of the missed obligation.  If fines are not paid by the end of the season, your right to enroll in the following swim season is forfeited.   

  • Any swim team family that has not fulfilled all of their required work obligations by the end of the season will be required to pay $150 per meet obligation not fulfilled and this may disrupt registration for the following season.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.

MVP’s Bottoms Up Invitational ~ $250 No-Show Fee

OMPA Championship ~ $300 No-Show Fee


Inability to Fulfill Volunteer Requirement

If you are unable to make your volunteer commitment for a dual meet or other team event, you are responsible for finding your own replacement.

You may hire a substitute from our list of pre-approved, pre-trained substitutes.  The list of qualified substitutes is found under the “Volunteer” Tab on the MVP website. You must be signed in to your account to view the volunteer tab.


Substitutes must be at least 16 years old. You are responsible for your substitute. Please make sure they understand that they must be on time and work their entire shift.  Payment is $60 per shift and should be arranged directly between you and your substitute.  

  • Important: Please notify the volunteer coordinators when you secure a sub for a work shift.


  • The fee for not showing up or finding a replacement for your work commitment is $150.


  • Volunteers should report to the Meet Director 30 minutes prior to the start of the meet to go over logistics and allow the meet to start on time


  • If you are filling in temporarily for someone, please give his or her name to the Meet Director. 


  • The person who STARTS a task at the meet will get credit for the entire meet.




Thank you!

Jamie Delaney

MVP Swim Team President

[email protected]