Mini Marlins


The Mini Marlin program is for our 3-6 year old members who are interested in the swim team, but not quite ready yet. The expectation of the Mini Marlin swimmers, is to have the swimmers learn techniques, and endurance in order to join the swim team as soon as the swimmer is competent.


Mini Marlin Evaluations will take place March 26, 2022. Board members will be on hand to meet with and answer questions for new families during and after the evaluation process. 


Minis will be moved up to 6&Under practice and meets when they can swim both 25 yards freestyle and 25 yards backstroke.

Depending on availability of swim team members for particular meets, it is possible but not guaranteed that Minis may have the opportunity to swim in some meets before they have been advanced to practice with the 6&Unders. Once a swimmer shows this capacity, the coach will recommend the swimmer move up to the 6&under group and join the MVP Swim Team. With the family's approval, the swimmer will then practice with the 6&under group (check the Calendar for times). At that point, the swimmer will be considered available for meets unless the family signs-out.

Depending on the point in the season at which advancement occurs, the family may be responsible for additional volunteer requirements (pro-rated based on what point in the season advancement occurs, determined by the Volunteer Coordinator). Advancement will enable the coach to teach breaststroke and butterfly basics. At this point your swimmer will need fins. By moving up to the 6&under group at the appropriate time, the swimmer will retain stroke technique.


All registered Mini Marlins will get a team cap and team t-shirt. We also recommend ordering a team suit on one of the Suit Fitting Days (see the Meets/Events page). Having a team suit makes the kids feel part of the team, and great for when they move up to the team! They are also good for picture day ;)

For practice, your swimmer should wear a good fitting suit, cap, and goggles. Caps are important for a swimmer to wear to prevent their hair from getting into their eyes or mouth (and to keep the pool clean!). Caps & goggles are especially important when learning proper breathing techniques.


Safety comes first and it is a requirement that a parent or guardian be on deck at all times while your swimmer is in the water. Coaches This is a Jr Coach assisted program. Each Jr Coach is a member of the MVP swim team and is required to attend an extensive workshop before he/she can instruct. You’ll be amazed at the level of professionalism, enthusiasm and commitment they make to your swimmer.

Volunteer Requirements

Our families with only Mini Marlin swimmers volunteer for a total of 12 points, 4 of which must come from MVP’s Bottoms Up and 4 of which must come from OMPA. In addition, a family whose Mini swims in the Meadow Mini Meet may be asked to volunteer at that meet. If a Mini swimmer advances to the 6 & Under age group at some point after the season begins, the family’s point total may be increased in proportion to the time remaining in the season at the time of advancement, according to the table below. (NOTE: this table applies ONLY to families with ONLY a swimmer who begins the season in the Mini Marlins program and advances mid-season.)

Date of Advancement to 6&Unders

Number of additional points in volunteer commitments that may be required

Total points for the season including 4 at MVP’s BU and 4 at OMPA

Prior to June 15



June 15-June 28



June 29-July 12



July 13-July 26



July 27 or later




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