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Message from the President


Dear MVP Families,


On behalf of the MVP Swim Team board, we welcome you to the 2022 swim season! We look forward to what is sure to be another epic family summer.


We have a great coaching staff for 2022 – lots returning veterans and some new faces.  Trevor Rose is returning for his 13th year as our Head Coach. We are so fortunate to have his extensive experience and deep knowledge of the sport. We are thrilled to welcome our new Co-Head Coach, Evan Fuller! Evan has a long history of swimming and coaching at MVP and will be a valued addition to our club.  Lily Reiner, and Will Fuller will return as Senior Swim Coaches.  Each year we also welcome back junior staff and usher in new CITs (Coaches in Training) who are excited to learn how to be effective coaches and share their love for MVP with the younger generation of Marlins.  


Spring Clinics will begin March 7th, which gives our swimmers a chance to brush the cobwebs of winter off and get back into the swing of things. The pre-season officially begins May 2nd and continues through May 27th.  This is a great opportunity for swimmers to build their strength and skill set. The regular season begins once school lets out and is when we start competing in dual meets and invitationals. The OMPA league and county championships will conclude our season.


This year is the 45th Annual MVP Bottoms Up Invitational on Sunday, June 26th at Miramonte High School. The biggest and best invitational of the summer, and it’s ours! All members contribute their time and effort to this well run event…parents and kids alike! 


2022 will also include popular team events like the Marlin Ball, Intrasquad, Spirit Week, and Skit Night, as well as all of the wonderful age-group socials. For the parents we offer a Moms' Night Out, a Dads' BBQ at MVP, and the parent social which takes place the same evening as the Marlin Ball. We end the season with the Post-OMPA Dinner and Awards Night. We’ve got you covered all summer long!


Be sure to take some time to read through this handbook to understand the basics of our program and to learn what you can expect from the MVP swim team experience. Remember to regularly visit our website,, to gain access to the online calendar, view your volunteer commitments, sign out of meets, read team news, review team policies, and find answers to almost any question you may have. 


On behalf of the entire MVP Swim Team Board, we thank you for all you do to make MVP a great place. Our swimmers, families, coaches, and volunteers make MVP special. Here's to another great season!


Go Marlins!


Jamie Delaney

MVP Swim Team President

[email protected]


MVP General Swim Team Information

MVP Swim Team in a Nutshell

We practice…

  • With our appropriate age group (Mini Marlins; 6&Unders; 7-8s; 9-10s; 11-12s; 13&Ups).

  • With the guidance of our coaches; Coach Trevor works with the swimmers 9 years and older; Coach Evan works with the swimmers 8 and under. Senior and Junior coaches assist and serve as mentors for the other swimmers.

  • Starting with spring clinics (March 7th - April 28th, Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays)

  • Then on to pre-season practice, Monday-Friday (May 2nd-May 27th)

  • When school is out we move on to regular season practice, Monday-Friday (May 31st - July 28th). 


We compete…

  • Some meets are at home, some meets are away.  

  • Dual meets pit us against one other team.  Invitationals involve all of the teams in our league.  We host the biggest one, MVP Bottoms Up. We finish the season with the Championship league meet, OMPA.

  • Some involve only the “A” swimmers, which means the swimmers with the fastest 3 times in each event in each age group.  Some involve “A+1” meaning there are two heats, so the top 6 swimmers in each event in each age group will be called on.  Some are “A+2,” or 3 heats, meaning the top 9 swimmers will participate.  Some involve “A+B” where all swimmers may participate.  And some involve only B, so the top swimmers are excluded. 

  • If you are not available for a meet, you sign out online (team website) well in advance.   


We have fun…

  • At social events planned throughout the season.

  • At meets where we feel the excitement of doing our best and coming together as a team.

  • Reaching our personal goals and seeing improvements over the course of the season.

  • Spending time together.


We all do our part…

  • None of this could happen without everyone helping to make it possible.

  • We support our Team’s annual fundraisers: MVP’s Bottoms Up and Lap-A-Thon.

  • MVP families staff all meets, home and away, dual, invitational, and championship.

  • MVP families serve on the Swim Team Board which works year-round to plan the season, manage the finances, maintain the website, keep everyone informed, provide spirit wear, and more.

  • We appreciate every MVP family looking for ways they can improve the overall experience of the team by selecting work commitments that fit in with family abilities and then fulfilling those commitments with enthusiasm. 


We show our team spirit…

  • By buying MVP spirit wear and wearing it to meets and around town (parents too!)

  • By cheering each other on, not only our own family members, but the entire team.

  • As parents, by following the rules and serving as models of sportsmanship and good behavior for the swimmers.

  • As swimmers, by being friendly, welcoming and good sports; shaking the hands of our competitors after each race.

  • By participating enthusiastically in practices, meets and team activities


MVP Swim Team Board 2022






Sandra Concannon


Bottoms Up Co-Chairs

Vinita Anantavat


Jennifer Curran


Bottoms Up Volunteer Coordinator

Kate Beidleman



Peter Cole


Fundraising Co-Chairs


Heni Miller

Daisy Chao

Davina Roche


Invitationals Coordinator (OPP, MMM, SHB)

Michelle Jun


Lesson Scheduler

Libby Sagara


Meet Director Co-Chairs

Matt Zapala


Ivan Domenech

OMPA Representatives Co-Chairs

Nicki Flanagan


Eva Elder


OMPA~Volunteer Coordinator

Kristen Brunson

OMPA ~Head Clerk of  the Course

David Sway


Jamie Delaney

Spirit Wear

Steve Hammond

Team Photographer Co-Chairs

Jane Bordalo


Ann Murphy


Kim Watkins

Volunteer Coordinator

Sara Megson


Bonnie Parisi


Swim Team Fees

The 2022 fees are as follows for Mini Marlins as well as other age groups: 

  • $580 for each swimmer

  • $500 for Mini Marlin

  • $150 for 15–18 year old swimmers

The fees are based on completion of registration and payment of fees between May 2nd-July 28thAll work commitment sign ups should be completed between May 5th-May 7th. Any family not signed up for their work commitment points (see work commitment policy on page 17) by May 7th will be assigned the appropriate number of work shifts by the volunteer coordinator.  

A member of MVP in good standing may receive a temporary waiver from paying swim team fees due to financial or family hardship. These waivers shall be granted by the Swim Team President upon review of the member family's particular circumstances. Families undergoing other hardships may also request a temporary waiver of volunteer commitments if disability or other difficulty makes performance of the usual volunteer commitments unduly burdensome. 

Grace Period

We offer a “grace period” to anyone who would like to give swim team a try from May 1st and June 2nd. The grace period will be offered to all Mini-Marlins and to any older swimmers who were not on the swim team during the last two seasons. Refunds are subject to a $50 service fee.  Please allow 2 weeks for refund checks to be issued.


Any interested swimmer whose family belongs to Moraga Valley Swim and Tennis Club, or is renting a home from a member of the Club.  In addition, any person employed by our swim team as a coach or junior coach may swim for our MVP team.  Swimmers are grouped by age as follows: 


  • Mini-Marlins (3-6)*based on evaluations

  • 6&Under

  • 7-8 year olds

  • 9-10 year olds

  • 11-12 year olds

  • 13-14 year olds

  • 15-18 year olds


June 15th, 2022, governs the age of a swimmer for the entire summer and for all meets (except the “Meadow Mini Meet, which has the swimmers grouped by their true age on the day of the meet.) 

Age Group Placements

From time to time it is necessary for a swimmer to be placed in a practice age group other than the age group in which he or she competes.  These decisions are made by Coaches Trevor and Evan, with parental input.  Please respect Trevor and Evans’ expertise and know that Moraga Valley Pool Swim Team reserves the right to place swimmers in age group practices that are the most appropriate for the swimmer and the team.

Team Apparel & Gear

Team Suit & Cap

MVP team suits and caps must be worn at all meets. As always, all swimmers must go to one of the fitting days to make sure they have the right fit for the new suits (suits are different, kids grow, etc.).  Stay tuned for more information on fitting days, pricing  and a link to the web store.

Tip: To ensure that your swimmer’s team suit lasts the entire season in excellent racing condition, we ask that team suits are only worn at meets (and on Picture Day!). For practice your swimmer should wear a different suit. Often people will wear the prior year team suit or whatever competition style suit you prefer. 


Spirit Wear

Be a part of the fun!  Wear MVP spirit wear and colors (blue and yellow) at every meet.  Families are encouraged to wear their spirit wear at all meets and MVP activities.  Get your Marlin on!

Team shirts are provided as part of registration for swimmers and are available for sale for parents on the spirit wear online store.  Stay tuned for more information and a link to the web store.


Team Picture Day

MVP’s Picture Day is TBD.

Practices will be canceled that day.

Lost & Found

MVP’s lost and found is located next to the pool covers. We encourage all swim team families to label all clothing, towels, swim caps, water bottles, etc.  Please check for lost and found items regularly.  Goggles and sunglasses may be found in the lifeguard shack.  


Mini Marlins

Program Overview

The Mini Marlin program is designed for pre-competitive swimmers ages 3-6.  Our goal is to provide the best (and most fun!) learning environment for our young swimmers. The Mini Marlin program is not a learn-to-swim program. However, any interested mini marlin must participate in an evaluation.

There will be a coach in the water at all times with the "Minis'' giving instruction. Mini Marlins must be willing to swim (with the aid of a coach) in the lanes, outside of the shallow area.  The focus in the beginning of the season will be proper technique.  With these skills, our youngest swimmers will be prepared for the second half of the season and will have a great foundation for their swimming careers.  The Mini Marlins will generally be broken into small groups of like ability.  As abilities change, the groups will also change to provide the best instruction for each swimmer.  This may include advancing Mini Marlins to the 6&Under age group when the coaches deem appropriate.  Parents are respectfully asked to trust the professional judgment of the coaches.  Parents are also required to complete 12 points of volunteer hours (4 points must come from MVP’s Bottoms Up and 4 points must come from OMPA + one additional meet or event).


It is very important for swimmers to wear caps to prevent their hair from getting into their eyes or mouth.  It is especially important when learning proper breathing techniques.  Wear good fitting goggles and a swimsuit. 

Safety comes first, and it is a requirement that a parent or guardian be on deck at all times while your Mini Marlin swimmer is in the water.  Please remember to have your child wear sunscreen, and to put it on ½ hour before entering the pool.

This is a Junior Coach assisted program.  Each Junior Coach is a member of the MVP swim team and is required to attend an extensive workshop before he/she can instruct. You will be amazed at the level of professionalism, enthusiasm and commitment they make to your swimmer.

Evaluation Session

Prior to enrolling in the Mini Marlin program, the coach must evaluate the swimmer’s readiness (as described above). The Mini Marlin evaluations will take place March 26th. Check your MVP emails for updates and details.

Mini Marlin Families’ Volunteer Commitments

Parents are also required to complete 12 points of volunteer hours (4 points must come from MVP’s Bottoms Up and 4 points must come from OMPA + one additional meet or event).

Protocol for Advancing from Minis to 6&Unders

Many Mini Marlins improve enough to participate in actual swim meets during the summer and even move up to the 6 & under group. Minis will be moved up to 6&Under practice and meets when they can swim both 25 yards freestyle and 25 yards backstroke. Depending on availability of swim team members for particular meets, it is possible but not guaranteed that Minis may have the opportunity to swim in some meets before they are advanced to practice with the 6&Unders. 


After advancement to the 6&Under group, the swimmer will be considered available for meets unless the family signs out. Depending on the point in the season at which advancement occurs, the family may be responsible for additional volunteer requirements (see “Parent Responsibilities & Volunteer Commitments”). 


Following is the protocol for the swim team families and liaison when a Mini Marlin swimmer is eligible to move up to the MVP swim team during the swim season.

  1. The Coach will contact the liaison and provide the swimmer’s information and date (usually one week) that he would like the swimmer to participate in his or her first MVP swim team meet.

  2. The Coach’s liaison will contact the parents of the swimmer and communicate the Coach’s desires to have the swimmer join the MVP swim team.

  3. During the parent discussion, the parents will be told their new commitments associated with being a part of the MVP swim team as opposed to being a Mini Marlin.

  4. Parents will decide whether they would like their swimmer to be a member of the MVP swim team or remain a Mini Marlin for the remainder of the season and the Coach’s liaison will communicate that information back to the Coach.

Stroke Development

Backstroke stages of the Mini Marlin

  1. Learn how to float on your back for more than 10 seconds.

  2. Add kick to float.

  3. Kick into a streamline from a float and eventually from the wall.

  4. Add arm stroke to the streamline and swim across a 25-yard pool.

Freestyle stages of the Mini Marlin

  1. Learn how to streamline off the wall on the belly with your head in the water half way across the pool without breathing.

  2. Breathe to the side in a streamline.

  3. Add arms to the streamline position breathing every three strokes.

Meadow Mini Meet - SUNDAY JULY 10, 2022


The Meadow Mini Meet is the perfect opportunity for a Mini Marlin swimmer to experience swimming in a meet for the first time. Swimmers who are 6&Unders, including Mini Marlins, swim in the morning and are permitted to receive special assistance and direction from coaches. 


MVP Intrasquad/Mini Marlin Celebration - 

Arrive/Orientation: Minis and their families will arrive and gather together with their coaches and the 8&Under Liaison for instructions for the event, such as timing, heats, awards, and photo op.

  • Blue/Gold: The entire team, Minis included, split into two teams: Team Blue and Team Gold! Kids will get all decked out in their team colors with war paint on their faces, and yelling cheers for their team. 

  • Mini Celebration: All Mini Marlins will swim in this meet with whatever degree of coach assistance is needed. Their coaches will arrange them into heats. The swimmer can choose to go off the blocks or jump from the side of the pool. Rest assured, there is a coach in each lane ready to help your swimmer across the pool. All MVP swimmers & their families will be there to cheer on our little champs.

  • Awards/Photo: As each swimmer gets out of the pool they get a medal and take a photo with their coach. When all heats are done all the Minis and all the coaches gather for an adorable picture. 

  • Intrasquad: Now you can sit back and enjoy all the crazy relays the swim team cooks up, the masters vs. coaches relays, and everyone’s favorite….the Dads Cannonball Competition!


Practices ~ The information below is for a typical season at MVP.  Due to construction practice times and location are TBD.

Pre-season schedule

May 1st - June 7th (Monday– Friday), *no practice 6/8 or 6/9

Age Group


Mini Marlins

Group 1: 3:40-3:55, Group 2: 4:00-4:15


4:15 pm – 4:45 pm

7 & 8 year olds

4:45 pm – 5:30 pm

9 & 10 year olds

5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

11 & up

6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Regular season schedule

(First 15 minutes is mandatory dry-land training for ages 9-18)

Monday, June 12th – Wednesday, August 2nd


Morning Practice (Monday– Friday)

Age Group


13 & ups

8:00 am – 9:00 am

11 & 12 year olds

8:45 am – 10:00 am

9 & 10 year olds

9:45 am – 11:00 am

7 & 8 year olds

10:45 am – 11:45 am

7 & 8 year olds

11:30 am – 12:30 pm


12:30 pm – 1:00 pm

Mini Marlins

1:00 pm – 1:20 pm



Afternoon Practice* (Monday, Tuesday & Thursday ONLY)

Age Group


Mini Marlins

No programming in afternoon schedule

6 through 8 year olds

5:00pm to 5:30pm

9 & up

5:30pm to 6:00pm


*Afternoon practice is designed for swimmers with morning commitments. 


Practice Attendance

It is important that swimmers attend workouts as often as possible. We recommend maximum attendance for a number of reasons. If swimmers are serious about improving, they need to make a commitment to workout. Workouts will prepare swimmers for the meets and each workout should move them closer to their goal. There will be times swimmers have to miss that are unavoidable; for example, due to illness, vacation or other conflicts.  Please try to schedule appointments and vacations around practice and swim meets.

We feel that if swimmers make a full commitment to practice and work hard, swimmers will have a rewarding season. We guarantee that whatever commitment swimmers make, the coaches will make an equal or greater commitment to swimmers. 

Competitive Lessons

The MVP coaching staff will offer additional (paid) private (Individual) weekly lessons for all swim team members in the 6&Unders through 13 & Up Age Groups on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  While lessons with MVP coaches will not be available to Mini Marlins, junior coaches may have some availability to provide lessons for Minis.  Lessons taught by the swim team coaches will focus on proper competitive stroke technique and will be consistent with the daily workout drills.  


Lesson Policies:

  • Lessons are voluntary and are open to 6&Unders through 18 year old swim team members.

  • Coach Trevor offers lessons to 9 & up swimmers ONLY.

  • Coach Evan and the Senior Swim Coaching Staff offer lessons to the whole team.

  • Mini Marlins are not eligible for private lessons

  • Private lesson sign-ups are released via email weekly.  A swimmer may sign up for no more than two lessons per week.  Please refer to the lesson emails for more information on sign-up rules and guidelines.

Swim Meets

Our season meet schedule is found in the calendar. 

Time Trials

Time Trials is the first “meet” of the season, but it involves only our team.  It gives each swimmer an opportunity to swim all of the events to establish base times and gives the coaches information to begin scheduling meets.  It is very important for all swimmers to attend. Swimmers are encouraged to swim all events, but will not be required to swim an event they are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with. 

Time Trials will be held on Sunday, May 22nd at 9:00am. 


Dual Meets & A/B Classifications

Dual meets consist of two teams competing against one another.  The meets will either take place at MVP or at the opposing team’s pool.  The order of events is generally:  Medley Relay, Individual Medley (IM), Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke, Butterfly and the Freestyle Relay.  Swimmers compete by age groups starting with the youngest (6&Unders).  Swimmers who are 6&Unders are limited to two individual events, plus relays.  Swimmers 7 and older are limited to three individual events plus relays.  

Meets are listed on the schedule as “A”, “A+1”,”A+2”,”A/B” or “B” meets.

  • An “A” Meet is a meet in which generally only swimmers with one of the three fastest times in one or more of the strokes for their age group compete. These meets are scored.  There is only one heat for each event.  Points are given 1st through 3rd for individual events and 1st and 2nd for relays.  The points are totaled to determine which team wins the meet.  MVP awards ribbons for places one through six at "A" meets, but some clubs may only award ribbons for the top three places.

  • A “B” Meet is a meet consisting of those swimmers who generally do not swim in “A” meets.  These meets have multiple heats and are not scored.  “B” meets generally exclude the swimmers with one of the three fastest times in multiple events.  Most clubs award ribbons for first through sixth place.

  • An “A/B” Meet is a meet in which the entire team participates.  The first heat is scored, as in an “A” meet.  All subsequent heats are considered together for the purpose of assigning “places” for the “B” part of the meet.

  • An “A+1” or “A+2” Meet is scored in the same manner as an A/B meet.  In an A+1 meet there are only two heats so the swimmers with one of the six current fastest times in one or more strokes will compete.  There are two additional heats in an A+2 meet.

  • Do not assume your child will/will not be swimming in a particular meet because he/she is an “A” swimmer or a “B” swimmer.  Depending on sign-outs and meet formats, your child may be considered an “A” swimmer at one meet and a “B” swimmer at another.  


Invitational Meets 

Invitational Meets are meets in which MVP is invited to participate, along with numerous other clubs.  Invitational meets are fundraisers for the hosting club.  There is a FEE, paid by the swim team, for each swimmer who participates, based on entries per swimmer.  IN THE EVENT A SWIMMER IS UNABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN ONE OF THESE INVITATIONAL MEETS, THEY MUST BE SIGNED OUT OF THE MEET AT LEAST TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO THE MEET DATE.  MVP will be charged a “scratch” fee for any swimmer who is entered, but subsequently does not swim.  Because of the fees MVP is required to pay for entries, failure to sign out of an invitational will result in a fine determined by the MVP swim team executive board.  

Invitational meets are usually all-day events.  Come prepared!  Bring snacks, water, games, books, shade, cash, sunscreen and plenty of towels.  Please plan to purchase meals at the concessions offered by the host club, as it is an important part of the fundraising effort!    Following are the Invitational Meets we will participate in for 2022:

OPP Relays

This invitational is hosted by and located at Orinda Park Pool. The top six team finishers at OMPA are invited to compete in all relay events which emphasize teamwork and team spirit.  There are five relays in which 5-6 swimmers from each age group participate. The meet concludes with the Parents Relay and the always-suspenseful Coaches Relay.   


MVP Bottoms Up Invitational Swim Meet 

This invitational meet is sponsored by us and is offered for the swimmers in the lower part of their age groups: ages 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 and 15.  The 45th Annual MVP’s Bottoms Up will take place on Sunday, June 26th.

This event is run by Co-Chairs Vinita Anantavat and Jennifer Curran.  We depend on every coach, swimmer, and family to make it a success. No other club hosts this large of an event, and we all make it possible!

If your child is age 8, 10, or 12 they are invited to participate in a variety of roles such as: handing out heat winner ribbons, selling candy, food, or programs.  This is a great way to get all the kids involved and feel like hosts to all the other teams. If you are unable to work at this meet you are required to “buy out” for a fee of $200.

Meadow Mini Meet 

This meet is for swimmers 8 & under only.  Swimmers will swim their actual age on the day of the meet.  Swimmers will compete against others of their own age: 7 year olds only against 7 year olds, etc.  This meet is divided into two smaller meets.  The 6&Unders swim in the morning and the 7/8 year olds swim in the afternoon on Sunday, July 10th at Meadow Pool.  

Sleepy Hollow "B" Meet 

This invitational meet is for swimmers in all age groups who qualify as "B" swimmers based on specific qualifying times. This means that only swimmers who have no gold times in either 2020 or 2021 may swim in this invitational.  This meet will be held on Sunday, July 17th at Sleepy Hollow. 


Championship Meets  

Orinda-Moraga Pool Association Championships (OMPA)

OMPA is a 2½ day meet with trials in the morning and finals in the afternoon.  This year it will be held at Campolindo High School beginning on the afternoon of Friday July 29th and ending on Sunday, July 31st. This is the final meet of the season for our entire team. It is the highlight of the summer.  It is very important that ALL swim team members make every effort to participate in this meet.  The coaches design special workouts for the week preceding this meet, and most swimmers achieve their best individual times for the season at OMPA.  More importantly, OMPA is a valuable team experience.  

Special activities are planned for the week preceding OMPA to build team spirit and pride: decorating your car; wearing t-shirts showing our OMPA “theme”; on deck activities all week including the annual Skit Night and recognizing our graduating seniors.

We need 100% participation, effort and spirit to achieve a team performance of which we can all be proud.  We need our MVP families cheering in the stands and wearing our MVP Spirit Wear.  The relays are especially exciting and important.  Please make it an effort to be in the stands for these events, including the awards ceremonies and to show support for all our swimmers.  We have a festive, all-team dinner at MVP on Sunday night.  The weekend is fun-filled and exciting!

Because of the fees MVP is required to pay for OMPA entries, failure to sign out of OMPA will result in a fine determined by the MVP swim team executive board. 

All about Meets

Before the Meet

Prior to every dual meet and invitational you will receive a detailed email from the Communications Director, which will tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming event. 

Meet Sheets (race schedule)

The schedule of swimmers and their events for a particular meet will be posted online as soon as available. This is known as a “meet sheet”.  The junior coaches will show the swimmers how to read a “meet sheet.” Please ask your swimmer or another parent how to read it if you are unsure. Check this board prior to every meet so you know which events your child will be swimming. 


Wednesday dual meets

Saturday dual meets


Arrival time


Arrival time


Home meets

4:00 pm

4:15 pm

7:45 am

8:00 am

Away meets

4:30 pm

4:45 pm

8:00 am

8:15 am


Arrival Time

Please give yourself plenty of time for parking and getting settled in the team area upon arrival. Warm-ups are important for the swimmer and for team spirit, therefore not optional.  After warm-ups, it’s important to stay in the team area so your swimmer attends the Team Meeting prior to the start of the meet.  This is the time when coaches provide last minute instructions and lead swimmers in team cheers.  Parents are encouraged to participate in the team cheers.


Warm-up times for a particular meet will be included in the swim meet email that you receive a few days in advance of the swim meet. As a general rule:

During The Meet 

Parents and swimmers: Keep track of the progress of the meet at all times so you will be ready for your events.  GETTING TO THE BLOCKS ON TIME IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF MVP FAMILIES. 

Swimmers: We strongly encourage every swimmer to speak with his or her coach after a race. This is an important time for the coaches to congratulate the swimmers and to help fine tune their races. Swimmers should always cheer for their teammates.

After The Meet

Please stay and help clean up trash, towels and personal items.  Stay to cheer on the 15-18s, they do it for you!

Commit/Decline to Swim Meets

MVP families should make every effort to maximize participation in meets.  Meets provide opportunities for individual growth and for our team spirit to shine through!  Please commit/decline to meets online as far in advance as possible (at the beginning of the season for any planned vacations, etc.)  If you are NOT committed to a meet by the registration deadline you will not be entered into the meet. NO EXCEPTIONS! 

Please understand that while we want to be as flexible as possible, failure to commit/decline to meets by the deadline creates a lot of extra work. Coaches need to submit team information in advance and greatly appreciate your cooperation in providing advance notice of swimmers’ participation. 

Because of the fees MVP is required to pay for invitational meet entries, failure to sign out of an invitational will result in a fine determined by the MVP swim team executive board. 


Parent Responsibilities & Volunteer Commitments

MVP Families enter into a cooperative venture by signing up for swim team.  We have an amazing summer planned, filled with fun and competitive opportunities for our team.  Please consider your entire family as a crucial part of this endeavor.  We cannot succeed without everyone doing their part.  Your contribution to the team will increase your sense of team spirit, and that spirit will make a difference to all of our swimmers.  

Volunteer Commitments: MVP families staff both home and away meets. Families select their volunteer commitments during online registration. You should return to the MVP website to review your commitments regularly throughout the season.  Do not rely on your memory or written record of what you believe you signed up for!  No-show penalties will be assessed based on what the website notes as your commitments.    

All sign ups should be completed between May 5th-May 7th, or families will be assigned positions by the volunteer coordinator.  

Swim Meet Staffing

MVP Families with age-group swimmers (i.e. excluding families with only Mini Marlin swimmers and families with only 15-18 year old swimmers) must fulfill 28 points of volunteer commitments during the season.  At least 4 points must come from MVP’s Bottoms Up and 4 points must come from OMPA.  Aside from the requirement to work MVP’s Bottoms Up and OMPA, families may volunteer for any combination of social jobs and meet jobs in order to add up to the total of 28 points.  However, certain jobs that require training or a higher degree of trust or experience may be pre-assigned and some jobs may fill up quickly.  Therefore, we cannot guarantee that everyone will get all their first choices in volunteer opportunities.  Please commit now to do your part with the right heart!  All sign ups should be completed between May 5th-May 7th, or families will be assigned positions by the volunteer coordinator.  

Mini Marlin families and families with only 15-18 year old swimmers: Our Mini Marlin families volunteer for a total of 12 points, 4 of which must come from MVP’s Bottoms Up and 4 from OMPA.   Our 15 & 18 families are required to volunteer at Bottoms Up and OMPA (8 points).  In addition, a family whose Mini swims in the Meadow Mini Meet may be asked to volunteer at that meet.  If a Mini swimmer advances to the 6&Under age group at some point after the season begins, the family’s point total may be increased in proportion to the time remaining in the season at the time of advancement according to the table below.  (NOTE: this table applies ONLY to families with ONLY a swimmer who begins the season in the Mini Marlins program and advances mid-season.)

Date of Advancement to 6&Unders

Number of additional points in volunteer commitments that may be required

Total points for the season including 4 at MVP’s BU and 4 at OMPA

Prior to June 15



June 15-June 27



June 28-July 11



July 12-July 25



July 26 or later




Swim Meet Job Descriptions




Persons seated at a table who sort lane sheets received from runners, sticker ribbons and post results generated by computer workers.


The Floater's primary role is to temporarily relieve Timers & Recorders for a 15 minute food/restroom break. Must be capable in Timer & Recorder duties. On occasion, Floaters provide water to Timer & Recorders or fill in for a no-show.


Individuals who work the food concessions at swim meet held at MVP.

Head Timer

The Head Timer's primary responsibility is to provide a backup stopwatch for 'manual' timers in the event of a missed/bad start. Head Timer operates two stopwatches, properly starts stopwatches in sync with the official starting system's strobe light. In the case of a bad/missed start, quickly trade stopwatch with that lane's timer.

Must have previously worked at least 5 meets as Timer and have good command of proper 'manual' starts.

Meet Director

For away meets, person ensures that all MVP volunteers are in place and get breaks when needed throughout the meet.


The recorder's primary role is to record the 'manual' backup time for the swimmer in your designated lane. The secondary role is to verify that the proper swimmer is in the correct heat/lane. In addition, the recorder helps protect the head of younger swimmers during the backstroke with a paddle.


Ribbon duty consists of placing meet results (by individual swimmer) onto colored placement ribbons and filing them into the appropriate family folder. The computer team will print out labels for each heat with swimmers' times and placement in that heat. At away meets, it is the Ribbon person's responsibility to bring and return the MVP Family Folder boxes.


A trained position. Person must be knowledgeable in starting and recalling swimmers during a race.  Announces events to recorders. The Meet Starter is also a primary "public" representative for MVP Swim Team and needs to exemplify sportsmanship and courtesy  towards the visiting swim team. The primary goal is to smoothly run the meet on time. The Meet Starter needs to avoid "rushing" along meets at too brisk a pace that makes both teams uncomfortable. 

Stroke & Turn

A trained position. Observe and judge swimmers' technical compliance with the specific swim stroke in the designated events: Freestyle, Breast, Backstroke, Butterfly and IM. S&T judges report disqualifications to the computer desk.


Attentively monitor the swimmer's progress in your designated lane and stop the clock when the swimmer touches the wall at the conclusion of the heat. Stopping the clock is done in two ways: (1) pressing the computer timing system plunger and/or (2) using a manual stopwatch. When utilizing a manual stopwatch, duties include start & stop timer and reporting that 'manual' time to the recorder in your lane.


Monitor swimmer's progress in designated lane and maintain their race time when they touch the wall at the conclusion of heat. Record the swimmer's 'manual' backup time and verifying swimmer's name.


Inability to Fulfill Volunteer Requirement

You may "Buy Out" of your OMPA or MVP’s Bottoms Up volunteer commitments in advance, but may not hire a substitute for either.  (see Buy-Out policies on the next page)

If you are unable to make your volunteer commitment for a dual meet or other team event, you are responsible for finding your own replacement.

1. You may hire a substitute from our list of pre-approved, pre-trained substitutes.  The list of qualified substitutes is found under the “Work” Tab on the MVP website (  Substitutes must be at least 16 years old. You are responsible for your substitute. Please make sure they understand that they must be on time and work their entire shift.  Payment is $60 per shift and should be arranged directly between you and your substitute.  Important: Please notify the volunteer coordinators when you secure a sub for a work shift.

The fee for not showing up or finding a replacement for your work commitment is $150.

Arrival time

  • Volunteers should report to the Meet Director 30 minutes prior to the start of the meet to go over logistics and allow the meet to start on time

  • If you are filling in temporarily for someone, please give his or her name to the Meet Director. 

  • The person who STARTS a task at the meet will get credit for the entire meet.


No Shows

  • Any person who does not show up on time for a dual meet work assignment will be fined $150.  This fine must be paid to the Swim Team Treasurer within two weeks of the missed obligation.  If fines are not paid by the end of the season, your right to enroll in the following swim season is forfeited.   

  • Any swim team family that has not fulfilled all of their required work obligations by the end of the season will be required to pay $150 per meet obligation not fulfilled and this may disrupt registration for the following season.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.

MVP’s Bottoms Up Invitational Staffing

All swim team families are expected to fulfill a work commitment for MVP’s Bottoms Up Invitational, our most important fundraising event each year. 

Volunteer Commitment Buy-Out Policies

Summer Work Commitment Buy-Out

Want the summer off from working at the swim meets? Here’s your chance.  For $1250, you can buy your way out of all volunteer commitments. This includes all 28 points, including MVP’s Bottoms Up and OMPA. This offer does not include the swim team swimmer fees. This offer is available for the first 10 families requesting the summer work commitment buy-out.

MVP’s Bottoms Up Invitational Buy-out

This is the largest fundraising event for MVP and our goal is to have 100% participation in order to make this day a success. Without all volunteers at this event, all of our swimming related costs would escalate. If you must buy out the following costs apply:

  • $200 paid before June 1

  • $225 June 2-15

  • $250 No-Show Fee

  • No buy outs after June 15

OMPA Championship Buy-Out

If you are unable to fulfill your OMPA Championship work commitment, you must buy-out in advance.  You may not secure your own replacement worker.

  • $250 paid before June 1

  • $275 June 2-15

  • $300 No-Show Fee

  • No Buy-Outs allowed after June 15

Buy Outs may be paid for during the registration process or via check after 5/1. If via check, please indicate what the buy-out is for (OMPA or Bottom's Up).  Please contact the swim team treasurer, Kim Watkins, with additional questions.



MVP Relay Policy

A relay team is faster than the sum of its individual times.  Successful relay teams are a blending of speed, consistency, enthusiasm and heart. All of these qualities our coaches know best and develop throughout the season.  Being part of a relay team can really excite your swimmer and help boost team spirit.  However, please advise swimmers in your family that, especially for OMPA, relay team composition can change at any time!  We want swimmers to feel that they have “earned” their spot on a relay team, but that does not guarantee them the spot for the entire season.  If another swimmer has a better performance at a Championship meet, there could be a last minute substitution.  

Relay Composition

If you are assigned to a relay, swimmers must check in with a coach (as appropriate for their age group placement) 30 minutes prior to the start of the relay.  This is to avoid any last minute confusion.  Coaches have the right to replace any swimmer who does not check in.

Typically, the swimmers with the fastest times in each of the four strokes will make up the Medley Relay team and swimmers with the 4 fastest freestyle times will make up the Freestyle Relay team.  Trevor and Evan may use their discretion in applying the following criteria for the final decision: 

*Attendance, workout habits and attitude

*Individual performance in a particular stroke (Medley) or specific position (Freestyle Relay).

*Consistency in performance throughout the season.

Relay Postings for Regular Meet

Please do not leave a meet without checking in with your coach, as your swimmer may be asked to participate or fill in for a relay.

Both medley relay and freestyle relay lineups will be posted on the meet sheet with the other events.  For dual meets there will be no changes to the relay line up the day of the meet unless a scheduled participant is absent.

OMPA Championship Meet Relay Policy

Tentative medley relays will be posted with the meet sheet but are subject to change depending on performances in the freestyle and breaststroke finals held on Saturday afternoon.  Any changes will be announced immediately after the breaststroke finals.

Tentative freestyle relays will be posted with the meet sheet but are subject to change depending on performances throughout the weekend.  Any changes will be announced following the freestyle finals.

Please do not leave the meet without checking in with your coach, as your swimmer may be asked to participate or fill in for a relay.  If you do leave the team area, please leave for contact information on the whiteboard as your swimmer may be contacted for a relay assignment.



Awards Given Throughout the Season

  • Place Ribbons: Ribbons are awarded to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers of each event at dual meets for all age groups. For 8&unders, the ribbons go all the way through 4th, 5th, and 6th. For Invitationals the ribbons usually go all the way to 10th place for all ages. 

  • Best Time Ribbons: Ribbons that are awarded to swimmers 8 and under who achieve a new personal best time in any event. Ribbons are placed in a swimmer’s family folder as soon as they are labeled and sorted.

  • Record Breaking Rosettes: Both pool and team record breaking rosettes are awarded to swimmers by the coaches.

  • Record Boards: Our new record board on the wall at the far end of the pool deck lists pool records, team records and current season records for all strokes for boys and girls in each age group.

  • Popped Times: Stars are awarded to swimmers 8 years of age and under who “pop” their race time in any event during the course of the season.

Bottoms Up

  • Individual High Point medals: for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for each age group and gender. 

  • Team High Point perpetual trophy: for the team with the highest points 

End of Season Awards

MVP has a wonderful tradition of honoring our swimmers at the end of each season.  

  • Achievement Medals – each swimmer will receive a medal according to highest level achieved throughout the season across all strokes. These include: participation (white), bronze, silver, and gold

  • Marlin Neck Ribbon: a specially designed neck ribbon attached to their medal (above) for those who achieve the following: pop their time 6 times or more, swim 6 meets or more, swim OMPA

  • Most Improved Trophy: awarded to one swimmer in each age group/gender who improved the most over the season

  • High Point Trophy: awarded to one swimmer in each age group/gender who scored the most points over the season

  • Coaches Award Plaque: awarded to one swimmer, ages 12 & up, who best exemplifies the qualities of an excellent future coach

  • Workhorse Trophy: awarded to one female and one male swimmer who were the hardest working team mates over the season

  • Spirit Award Trophy: awarded to one female and one male swimmer, voted on by team members, as best exemplifying the “Marlin Spirit” of good sportsmanship

  • Sagara Award: awarded to a parent volunteer(s) who went over and above the call of duty for the Marlins over the season (must not be an Exec Board member)


Glass & Alcohol Policy 

At Acalanes Union School District pools, alcohol is prohibited. At MVP, and in accordance with Contra Costa County Health Department guidelines, glass of any kind is prohibited at all times anywhere in the pool area.  Clear, broken glass on the pool deck requires immediate shutdown of the facility.  The pool must be drained and refilled (190,000 gallons of water) and could be closed for up to five days.  While the consumption of alcohol is not prohibited, please keep in mind that swim meets are events for minors.  Should you choose to have alcohol at meets, please be responsible and prudent by placing it in a discreet and safe (non-glass) container.



Helpful Definitions



Bulletin Board

In addition, or as an alternative to, the MVP website, this is the place to look for ALL swim team information. The board contains information about important events, schedule changes, posting of meets.  

Clean Up

The act of picking up one's own trash and personal items.

Clerk of the Course

An area where swimmers are organized before their events and assigned to lanes (usually at invitational meets only).


Swimming in a race strictly for time.  No points or awards are given.


Host pools are either 25 yds. or 25 meters. Our pool is 25 yards.  Swimmers 8 & under swim one lap and 9 & above swim two laps. (See I.M. for further distance information.) To convert meter time into yard time, divide the meter time by 1.1.


Disqualification of a swimmer from an event as determined by the starter or by the stroke and turn judge.  D.Q.'s may occur for illegal starts, illegal strokes, illegal turns or illegal finishes.  False starts in relays are also D.Q.'s. Leniency usually prevails for 6 and under swimmers in B meets and through the first weekend of August in A meets.


One group of swimmers in any specific event.  An event can contain multiple heats, i.e., there may be three (3) heats of girls in 7-8 freestyle.


Individual Medley - 100 yards.  An individual swimmer, 7/8 and older, will swim one lap each of butterfly, backstroke, breast, and freestyle, in that order.  I.M.'s are generally after the Medley Relay.


The home team is assigned lanes 2, 4, and 6. The visiting team has lanes 1, 3 and 5. Fastest swimmers are usually in lanes 3 and 4.

Family Folders

A file folder for each swim team family in one of the two file boxes kept at the pool. Folders are in alphabetical order.  Please check these folders regularly for important notices of events, schedules, ribbons and other "mail".

Meet Sign-Out 

Families indicate online at the MVP Website meets in which their swimmers are not participating. Sign-out should be done as soon as the family knows availability and in any event no later than one week prior to a dual meet and four weeks prior to an invitational meet.

Free[style] Relay

Four different swimmers each swim one or two laps of freestyle.  Swimmers 8 and under swim one lap. Swimmers 9 and older swim 2 laps.

Medley Relay

Four different swimmers each swim one or two laps of backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle in that order.

Mixed Relay

A relay, either medley or free, composed of two (2) girls and two (2) boys for 6 and unders.


If a swimmer does not show for a scheduled event, he or she is eliminated.  You must pay attention to what events are on the blocks.  Stay in the team area.  DO NOT SCRATCH


A coach or volunteer who has the responsibility of gathering swimmers for their events and placing them in their lanes.


A systematic shortening of workouts done at the end of the season one week prior to OMPA as a means of preparing for the Championships.

Website or MVP Website

Where you go to register, to select your volunteer commitments, to check the calendar, to find this handbook, to review policies, to find a replacement, and to find answers to questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where will meet line-ups be posted?

Line ups will be online, if possible, and posted on the swim team Facebook page and sent via Team Unify (email).

When will meets be posted? 

Each meet sheet will be available online and posted on the swim team bulletin board as soon as possible prior to each meet.  Timing of the release of each meet sheet depends on the availability of information from both teams which are competing.

How is the meet line-up listed?

Each swimmer will be listed in the correct age group, followed by a list of each stroke he/she will be swimming.  The event will have a lane number and, if necessary, a lane number followed by a heat number.  Relay swimmers will have a lane number in the proper stroke column.  If more than one relay is to be swum, that will also be recorded.   The coaches teach the swimmers how to read a meet-sheet, but it’s not easy the first time. Do not hesitate to ask for help in deciphering meet schedules.

How long will a weeknight meet be as a general rule?

Most Wednesday evening meets run from 5:30 p.m. to approximately 9:00 p.m.

How long is a Saturday dual morning meet?

Typically 4 hours, 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. 

What should a swimmer bring to a meet?

Wear team suits and MVP caps and spirit wear.  Label all items.  Other helpful items include sweats or warm jackets and pants, socks, sleeping bags, extra swim caps, goggles, and a large dry towel for each event. Bring water and food or money to purchase them and a quiet activity for between events.   Don't forget the SUNSCREEN!

How long are the invitational meets?

They all vary in length, but typically last all day (8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.).  

Should I plan on bringing food to meets?

These events are fundraisers for the sponsoring clubs so they sell all kinds of food, beverages and candy!  PLEASE TRY TO SUPPORT OUR FOOD VENDOR AT ALL OUR HOME MEETS.

Will a child always swim his/her best strokes?

Children will not always swim his/her best strokes because coaches need to be sure children achieve swim times in all strokes during the season.

Are goggles necessary?

They are extremely helpful and ease the strain on the eyes when swimming laps during workouts.  They can interfere with a swimmer's performance if they come off or leak.  Be sure they are the correct fit, adjusted properly and in good shape.

Are parents of Mini Marlins required to work any meets?

Mini Marlin Families are required to fulfill 12 points, 4 of which come from working at MVP’s Bottoms Up Invitational on June 26th and 4 of which come from working at OMPA on July 29-31st. However, if the coaches and family determine that a Mini Marlin is ready to move up and swim in meets, the Volunteer Coordinator will work out your prorated points requirement.  


Does my swimmer have to swim in meets?

We do not force a swimmer to participate in a meet and do not have a rule that requires them to do so.  We prefer to have our entire team participate in swim meets. If you know your child will not be swimming in a meet, you must sign out online well in advance.

Are families with only one swimmer required to fulfill the same number of volunteer commitments as families with multiple swimmers?  

Yes.  MVP changed its policy in this regard to conform to the practice of the majority of OMPA member pools and in an effort to distribute equally among all families the responsibilities for putting on this amazing and ambitious program.  We’re all in this together; we all have the same number of hours in our day even though our individual circumstances vary, whether we work full-time, are single parent families, or have multiple swimmers.  Please do your part with the right heart and make our team spirit the best it can be.  

Are parents of regular swim team members who swim in only one, or even no, meets required to work the same number of meets as everyone else?


When can I talk to the coach?

The coaches are focused on your children and their safety in the water during workouts, so please refrain from speaking with them during that time.  The coaches want to talk with parents about the progress the swimmers are making.  Coaches have office hours every Wednesday from 1:45pm to 2:15pm. During workouts you can contact: 

Jamie can often be found on the pool deck and is in daily contact with Trevor and Evan and the staff.


Orinda/Moraga Pools Association

Please consult and familiarize yourself with the OMPA website: The following are taken from the home page and about OMPA.

The Orinda/Moraga Pools Association (OMPA) is a non-profit corporation established in 1956 and is comprised of nine recreational swimming teams all located within Contra Costa County. The swimming rules of the association are governed by United States Swimming. 

OMPA Mission Statement:  The mission of the OMPA is to conduct a summer recreational swim league to benefit the member pools’ children, of all abilities, aged 3-18. Through weekly competitive dual meets, and an annual Championship Meet, we promote the spirit of sportsmanship, integrity, and high ethical standards for all participating athletes, coaches, and parents, and ensure fairness through rules and regulations.  The goal of the OMPA is to use the sports experience to help the swimmers develop positive character traits and values that will help them succeed the rest of their lives.

OMPA Championships

This year the OMPA Championships will be held at the Soda Center, Campolindo High School August 4-6, 2017.

Directions to Other OMPA Pools (From MVP)




Acalanes High School


Ivy to Moraga Way.  Right on Moraga Way. Merge onto CA-24 E via the ramp to Walnut Creek. Take the N Pleasant Hill Rd exit. Merge onto Pleasant Hill Rd. Acalanes on the corner of Pleasant Hill Rd and Stanley Blvd. on the right.

Campolindo Cabana Club


Ivy to Moraga Way.  Left on Moraga Way to Moraga Road.  Left on Moraga Road to Campolindo Drive (Campolindo High School).  Pool is on left side of road past the high school parking lot.  It is not on the high school grounds.

Campolindo High School
Soda Aquatic Center

or Soda

Ivy to Moraga Way.  Left on Moraga Way to Moraga Road.  Left on Moraga Road to a left on Campolindo Drive.  The parking lot is on your left.

Meadow Pool


Ivy to Moraga Way.  Right on Moraga Way to Glorietta Blvd. Right on Glorietta to Orchard; left on Orchard to Valley Drive.  Sharp right turn (hairpin) onto Valley Dr. Pool is at end of Valley Drive.

Miramonte Swim Club


Left from Risa Court onto Ivy Drive.  Go through stop light at Moraga Way and Miramonte High School is on your right.  Go to the end of the road and enter the last parking lot on your right and follow it towards the baseball field.  The pool is on your right.

Moraga Country Club


Ivy to Moraga Way.  Left on Moraga Way to St. Andrews.  Right on St. Andrews, MCC is on right side of road, just past the driving range parking lot.

Moraga Ranch

or MR

Ivy to Moraga Way.  Left on Moraga Way to Moraga Road/Canyon Road.  Right on Canyon to Larch.  Left on Larch to Baitx.  Right on Batix.  Pool on left side of road at corner of Camino Flores.

Orinda Country Club


Ivy to Moraga Way.  Right on Moraga Way to Camino Sobrante (this is the corner by Safeway).  Right on Camino Sobrante and follow this road until it reaches a "T" at the lake.  Turn left. Turn left down the first driveway across from tennis courts, stay to the left side of parking lot and drive down hill to pool area.

Orinda Park Pool


Ivy to Moraga Way.  Right on Moraga Way to El Toyonal.  Left on El Toyonal to 72 El Toyonal.  Pool is on right side down a driveway.

Sleepy Hollow


Ivy to Moraga Way.  Right on Moraga Way to Miner Road.  Right on Miner, past golf course and through brick gates to "Sleepy Hollow"--you are now on Lombardy Lane.  Lombardy to Van Tassel Lane.  Left on Van Tassel Lane to Sunnyside.  Right on Sunnyside Road--club is up road on left-hand side of road.