Welcome, 2021 Orinda Park Pool Stingrays!

The Orinda Park Pool Stingrays are a three-season recreational swim team that practices from spring to fall. Our club proudly competes within the OMPA league. Learn more here.


Ribbons and Awards


Home Meets

At regular dual meets at OPP, place ribbons are awarded in each heat, with the exception of relays. No place ribbons are awarded for relay events, Time Trials, or at the Intrasquad meet. No additional ribbons or special awards are given for top finishers in each event. 

Away Meets

Different pools = different rules. Host pools follow their own guidelines for awarding ribbons, so swimmers may not receive ribbons for every heat or event.

Invitational Meets

At invitational meets (such as Bottoms Up and Meadow Mini Meet), only the heat winners receive a heat winner ribbon, and only the top finishers in each event receive ribbons and/or awards; however, all participating swimmers receive a participant ribbon.

• For more detailed information about ribbons, please click here.



Best Time Ribbons/Award

Best Time Ribbons are awarded each time a swimmer achieves an improvement over their previous best time in an event.   Save these black ribbons -- each best time is a real achievement!  Best Time Awards are given to those in the 7-14yo age groups who receive 10 or more best times during the season. Swimmers in the 6-and-Under age group receive a Best Time Award with 7 or more best times. 

Team Award

A Team Trophy is given to each Park Pool Swimmer to recognize his/her contribution to the team for the season.

High Point Award

Awarded to a boy and girl in each age group. This award will be based on a combination of points scored at dual meets and the OMPA championship meet.

Coaches' Award

Awarded to a boy and a girl in each age group who has exemplified the principles and spirit of Park Pool: a dedicated work ethic, a willingness to learn and improve, sportsmanship and a great team spirit. 

Peg Kirby Award

Awarded to one boy and one girl (13-and-Up) who have demonstrated outstanding enthusiasm, spirit, and commitment to the team.

Most Outstanding Relays

Awarded to the boys and girls relay team who have broken the team record by the greatest percentage, or who have come closest to breaking a team record.

Peg Kirby-Harris Retirement Award

These awards are for those swimmers who are finishing their last year of eligibility.

Keith Kelley Award

In memory of Park Pool swimmer Keith Kelley, this is awarded to one boy and one girl aged 12-and-Under who demonstrated outstanding spirit, effort and sportsmanship during the season.