Welcome, 2021 Orinda Park Pool Stingrays!

The Orinda Park Pool Stingrays are a three-season recreational swim team that practices from spring to fall. Our club proudly competes within the OMPA league. Learn more here.


Procurement & Reimbursement Policy

Volunteers are encouraged to purchase through already established OPP accounts whenever feasible.  If necessary, out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed through the process outlined below.

Does your volunteer job require you to collect or handle money? If yes, then: Discuss with the Swim Team Director on how to utilize the Pool’s PayPal Account (including “card swipers” that can be used by the Pool iPad or set­up to be used by any mobile phone). If checks or cash are collected please discuss with Swim Team Director and/or the Swim Team Financial Advisor.

Does your volunteer job require you to purchase a product or service? If yes, then: Determine if it can be purchased “on account” with one of our established vendors: Amazon Prime, Uline, Orinda Hardware, NorCal Swim Shop. You can purchase directly from any of these vendors using the OPP account.  If you can purchase via Amazon, please prepare “a wish list” of what you would like to order and send it to the Swim Team Director ([email protected]).

Alternatively, the Swim Team Directors can make direct purchases or you can pay out of pocket and submit a reimbursement form.

To be reimbursed for an approved swim team expense please follow these steps:

  • Obtain approval/budget from the lead volunteer on the Executive Committee
  • Obtain receipts! No expenses will be reimbursed without receipts totaling the amount of the reimbursement.
  • If the vendor is a sole proprietor and not a corporation (i.e. Home Depot as opposed to Professor Vladimir's Top Soviet Party DJ Service) you must obtain a current W9 form.
  • Download and fill out This Form
  • Print the reimbursement form and mail along with all supporting documentation to:

OPP Inc.
P.O. Box 32
Orinda, CA 94563

Reimbursements will be run bi-monthly so you should receive payment within two weeks of submission.

To get an invoice paid for an approved swim team expense, please follow these steps: