2019 Team Suits and Gear

One final opportunity to order suits, caps, swim bags and towels. The ordering link will be open from 5/6/19 until 5/12/19 (midnight). This is the final opportunity to order suits. 5/12/19 at midnight is the deadline. 

(Available on 5/6/19 until 5/12/19)

Unfortunately, Gear Days has passed and we will not be able to offer the opportunity to try on gear for sizing. All orders will be available approximately 5 weeks after the end of sale on May 12. 
Here's the link to our suit sizing chart:

Fun Fact:

Clothing and Hat sales are a fundraiser for our team so you can feel good about buying all of this sweet Stingray swag!

Free Items

Each registered swimmer will receive a team t-shirt and latex swim cap after the team meeting at Time Trials. The sizes you provide when you register online for the team are what you’ll receive. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate exchanges for a different size. Assume standard youth sizes: Small (6-8), Medium (8-10), Large (12-14). Your swimmer will also receive an OMPA team shirt at the Pasta Feed during Spirit Week.

Team Suits

Suits can be ordered through our online store between April 13 and April 25 and will be distributed at Time Trials on June 4th. Remember most suits will last two years if you save your new suit for meets, rinse it out regularly with cold water, and use it for practice next year.


If you think you’ll want a parka for keeping warm, we will have youth and adult sizes available to try on at Gear Day. Parkas are only available to order between April 13 and April 25, otherwise you'll have to wait until next year. We strongly encourage you to buy your parka as large as possible so they last for many years. It’s not unheard of to buy an Adult Medium for your 8 year old.

Personalized Swim Caps

If you’re hoping to better spot your swimmer in the lanes, you'll be able to order personalized swim caps online between April 13 and 25. If you are sick of your latex team caps breaking, spend the extra money and order the silicone.


Your age group coach will let you know about equipment. Swimming goggles, fins, paddles, and other necessary accessories can be purchased independently.

How to Order

We’ll send you an email on April 13 with ordering instructions. Web links will also be available on the team homepage. Your ordering window will be April 13-April 25.

Questions? Contact your Gear Team at stingraygear@orindaparkpool.org