STINGRAY NEWS - Coach Appreciation Week, OMPA,

Scott Loganbill


July 16, 2019

Get Ready to Show Some Love! Coach Appreciation Week is July 22-26. Of course we appreciate our amazing coaching staff each and every day of the season, but this is our time to show them extra love.  We have some fun things planned, but we need your help.

  • Food signups are now live! - please go on the website and sign up to bring a food or drink item for a Coach Appreciation lunch that week. Plenty of slots remaining to be filled! (Signups are found under the event tab for Coach Appreciation week.)

  • Notes and gift cards!  Starting Monday, July 22 there will be a box in the coaches office where you can drop off thank yous. Notes from your swimmers and family are highly valued, and Amazon, Starbucks, Peets, Jamba Juice, and In-N-Out are just a few of the perennial gift card favorites. Your generosity means so much to our hardworking staff, so pick up a few the next time you're out and keep them handy for the week of July 22-26.   

Questions? Contact Wendy Meckes at


Swimmer sign-up by July 19: OMPA sign-in deadline is July 19th.

IMPORTANT!! Please double-check your swimmers’ commitment to make sure they will be entered in the best meet of the year!. Contact if you need assistance or have questions.

Job sign-up by July 19: Please sign up for your OMPA job today. All families with a participating swimmer are required to sign up for a job regardless of other regular-season roles! Consider the OMPA schedule below when signing up. OPP's job entries are due on July 19, so if you have not signed up for a job by then, one will be assigned to you that day.
OMPA Schedule

Friday, August 2nd

  • IM        5:00PM

Saturday, August 3rd

  • FREE        9:00AM
  • BREAST    12:00PM  (estimated start time)
  • FINALS    3:15PM
    (approximately 1 hour after completion of trials)

Sunday, August 4th

  • BACK        9:00AM
  • FLY        11:15AM (estimated start time)
  • FINALS    2:15PM
    (approximately 1 hour after completion of trials)

Lessons:  Private lessons are a great way to fine tune your swimmer’s technique and squeeze those  last few tenths of a second off for the final meets of the season. OMPA is just a few weeks away. Check coach availability on the lesson website.  Wondering which coach is the right fit for your swimmer’s needs?  Just ask Coach Brad.

Parent Conduct:  We all know how stressful it can be with the rapid pace of events at meets or even getting your little ones sunscreened, goggled, and to practice on time. But please remember to always try and keep it positive. We are a community and your attitude affects others, whether it’s kids, parents or coaches. We urge everyone to freshen up on the parent code of conduct.

County Week:  As many of you know this year county meet is on same weekend as OMPA. OPP has made the decision to focus our coaches’ and swimmers’ efforts on OMPA. At the same time we want to recognize our swimmers who achieved gold times.  After consulting with coaches, swimmers and parents, we have decided to honor our Gold swimmers and County qualifiers by:

  • Gold caps:  At each home meet team meeting, Brad has been highlighting the new gold swimmers from any previous meets and giving them the cherished gold caps
  • Towels: Swimmers at the County meet have traditionally received embroidered towels in recognition of their effort. This year, Gold swimmers will receive towels after OMPA. 
  • County Qualifier Breakfast and White Elephant Gift Exchange: Keeping the tradition alive with these perennial kid favorites, all swimmers who earn a gold time will be invited to a special pancake breakfast before Awards on August 26.

So far over 20 swimmers have gotten gold times, and we typically have more than twice that by the end of OMPA...go out and swim fast!!


We have two upcoming fundraising events scheduled. The first one, our annual swim-a-thon, is THIS WEEK!


For those of you new to the swim-a-thon, you pledge an amount per laps swum during a single day’s practice.

100% of proceeds for this year’s swim-a-thon will benefit research to cure Crohn’s disease via Propel-A-Cure. For parents and others who would like to participate, the forms are on the table in a box next to the coaches' office, by the plastic bin with the swim team folders. Of course, you can simply donate too!

We will offer bagels for your hard work and there will be prizes and raffles! Thank you so much for your help! Crohn's disease is a terrible condition and I can guarantee that those who are afflicted are deeply touched by your generous spirit.

Online Auction

Each year we come together as a community to raise a few extra dollars in support of all things Stingray. This year we're going to go a bit further and donate a portion of our proceeds to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Right now the fundraising committee is gathering donations to offer for the online auction. We welcome donation ideas of all kinds and ask that you please contact Leslie Millstone ASAP ( or Kim Tarantino ( so that they can work with you get your item or idea auction ready!


Shout out to Jason Matthews, who wrangled the 4th of July Parade, including driving a very finicky truck… filled with enthusiastic Stingrays!!!  Thanks Jason!

Thank you also to our incredible team of Meet Directors, Jeff DiBiase, Leigh Feusier, and Claudia Sherman, for keeping things running so smoothly this year. So much time and effort goes into each meet before it even begins, and your hard work is much appreciated!


With all our meets, invitationals and fast swims, our ribbon folders are bursting!  Be sure to check yours by the coaches shack and clear it out before we head into the final weeks of the season. 


  • Wednesday 7/17: OPP @ Miramonte (A/B)
  • Thursday 7/18: 9 and Up Movie Night @ OPP 
  • Saturday 7/20: OPP @MRSC (A+2)
  • Sunday 7/21: Sleepy Hollow B @ SH
  • Monday 7/22-Friday 7/26: Coaches Appreciation Week
  • Wednesday 7/24: Intrasquad @ OPP
  • Monday 7/29-Friday 8/2: Spirit Week!
  • Friday 8/2-Sunday 8/4: OMPA Championship Meet 
  • Sunday 8/4: OMPA Party @ OPP
  • Sunday 8/25: Awards Ceremony @ OPP

See all OPP events  Note: event details may change!