STINGRAY NEWSLETTER - Spirit Week, OMPA Guide, and more

Scott Loganbill


July 29, 2018


OMPA Meet Guide: Download it, read it, print it.  This packet contains a lot of information and will help you navigate this year’s league meet.  It’s a must-read for first-timers and excellent refresher for all! Scroll down for more info on OMPA.


Practice Schedules: It’s “taper week!” Swimmers will gradually ease up on their workouts, with regular morning practices ending Wednesday, August 1. No afternoon supplemental practices this week.

Monday, July 29:
9 AM – 1 PM  Car Decorating in the OPP parking lot.  Windex, paint pens and paper towels provided.  Bring a $5 donation for the annual Spirit Week “pump up” CD/playlist. 

1:30 PM Movie Day @ Orinda Theatre. Feature Attraction: “THE LION KING  for all swimmers who have RSVP’d.  This is NOT a drop off event for the 8 & Unders, so please be sure you arrange for a responsible adult to be with your littles. Movie tickets provided by the Team; bring cash for popcorn and/or water. No candy!
Tuesday, July 30:
6 – 9 PM Skit Night in the OPP amphitheater Bring chairs, blankets and your own picnic or meal and watch all our age groups perform!    

Wednesday, July 31:
10am - 2pm  Last day of swim practice!!  Dunk Your Coach at the Dunk Tank!
Thursday, August 1:
No morning swim team practice.

2:20 - 4:20 pm Caravan and Soda Center Warm Ups. Caravan meets at 2:20 PM in the OPP parking lot and leave promptly at 2:35 for warm-ups at Soda Center by 3:30. If you miss the caravan from OPP at 2:20 PM, plan to get to Soda Center on your own by 3:30 for warmups. 

A Word on the Caravan: The caravan from OPP to Soda Center on Thursday is one of the kids’ best-loved activities.  Be sure to look for their names on plates alongside the route (and pick up their plate at the pool after OMPA).  Crank our OMPA 2019 tunes, drive safely and keep all body parts inside moving vehicles!

The caravan route goes left at the bottom of El Toyonal and then right on Miner Road, right on Camino Sobrante, left on La Espiral, then take a right at St Stephens church.

Jump on the 24, take Oak Hill exit, right on Oak HIll Rd., Left on Mt. Diablo Blvd, right on Moraga Rd., right on Campolindo Dr, and park in the main Campolindo High School parking lot on the left.

Download the entire route map here.


5:30 – 8:00 PM  Pep Rally and Pasta Feed at OPP
Pasta dinner served by Taggs Market and hosted by the swim team for swimmers and families alike. See the unveiling of the 2019 OMPA t-shirt, followed by the cheer to end all cheers to get us amped up for OMPA!
Friday, August 2:
10 AM – Noon Shave Down and Nail Painting, OPP.   Bring your razors and your favorite blue (or gold!) nail polish and get ready for OMPA!!  

OMPA Championships - Friday afternoon.  The meet begins with IM on Friday. Coach Brad will send out further details when the warm up times are set.

Sunday, August 4: 

6pm OMPA Party at OPP! Celebrate all your hard work after OMPA with dinner and dancing at OPP until 10pm.  $15 per adult/swimmer and $10 for 6 and unders; cash or card at the pool.

It is a busy, crazy and fun week!  Please participate to the extent that you can.  


Getting Focused for OMPA:  Alongside the fun activities of Spirit Week, swimmers will be resting, staying out of the sun, and avoiding sugary foods to get prepared for OMPA. Don't jeopardize all your hard work this season by jumping on trampolines, eating candy and ice cream, and/or frolicking around in the pool after your practice is over. Find a couch, watch a movie or read a book and eat a healthy well-balanced diet.

OMPA T-shirts: This Thursday Coach Brad will be unveiling the 2019 OMPA T-shirt at Pasta Feed. Stop by the gear tables to pick up your swimmer’s new OMPA shirt (free!).

OMPA Food Assignments and Coolers: Please remember to check your family food assignments in the Meet Guide and bring your items to the team area on Saturday and Sunday.  Please also bring a cooler to the pool on Thursday to help us keep everything fresh and organized; you’ll get it back Sunday at the party. Thanks to our collective spirit, food tables will be well stocked all weekend long under our big tent with healthy and nutritious food and drinks

OMPA Volunteer Assignments: Thanks to everyone for taking a role this weekend to help pull off this incredible meet!  Please check your OMPA obligation, check in with the Meet Director or appropriate lead and be sure you can be there during those times.  

OMPA Quick Tips: Trying to remember the blur that was OMPA?  First time and wondering what it’s all about?  Here are some quick tips to OMPA and more details available in the Meet Guide:

  • Schedule:  Friday evening IM (finals).  Saturday Free/Breast/Medley Relay.  Sunday Back/Fly/Free Relay
  • Prelims and Finals:  For Saturday and Sundays events, all swimmers swim in heats to determine their place in the “prelims”.  The top 20 advance to “finals” and swim again in the afternoon to determine their final place in the meet. There are two finals heats:  the top 11-20 (consols) followed by the top 10 (finals). Be there to cheer on our OPP finalists!
  • Relays: Relays are the last event each afternoon after finals, with the Medley Relay on Saturday and the Free Relay on Sunday. One relay team per pool. Check the whiteboard in the team area for the relay team that coaches decide each day.
  • Warms up:  Swimmers will warm up before events, typically about an hour or so before their event.  Coaches will organize swimmers by age groups to make sure they get a warm up in.
  • Clerk of the Course:  Just like Bottoms Up and Mini Meet, there will be a clerk of the course to organize swimmers into lanes.  A great time to focus and visualize! Coaches will call swimmers in the team area when it’s time to head to the clerk.
  • OMPA programs: Printed programs are available at Soda Center starting Thursday.  Bring cash!
  • For more information, look at this year’s OPP OMPA Meet Guide -- don’t forget to check your be there times and food assignments!


Awards Ceremony:  Sunday August 25 we will celebrate all of our swimmers’ accomplishments at our annual Awards Ceremony. This afternoon event does not include meals; bring snacks and drinks if needed. Get more info on awards here.


  • Monday 7/29-Friday 8/2: Spirit Week!
  • Friday 8/2-Sunday 8/4: OMPA Championship Meet 
  • Sunday 8/4: OMPA Party @ OPP
  • Sunday 8/25: Awards Ceremony @ OPP

See all OPP events  Note: event details may change!