The Mini Stinger summer program is designed for beginning swimmers (aged 4 and older) who are not able to swim 25 yards of freestyle, unassisted. The program is comprised of 5 levels and focuses on water safety, freestyle technique, side breathing and advancing to age group workouts.  With low student to coach ratios, swimmers are able to master basic skills and advance quickly through the 5 levels.  Skills are assessed on a weekly basis.

There are no pre- and post- season ministingers practices. The coaches will let you know when your ministinger is ready to join the group practices in the on or off seasonusually when they can safely swim across the pool (25 yards) with confidence.

See the practice schedule here.



All Minis are eligible for and encouraged to take advantage of a free 20-minute lesson/evaluation with our Head Coach Brad Allen. Please Contact Coach Brad directly to set up a date and time.