Practice Information
Our coaches expect Park Pool swimmers to make every effort to be at practice daily with a positive work ethic.  This means arriving on time, ready to swim, and putting in their best effort, both in the water and in any dry-land work.  We recognize that swimmers will have some time conflicts with other sports and school during the spring, but expect that swimmers will make every effort to attend practice  whenever possible -- this is absolutely critical to a successful season.
AGE GROUPS:   We have 5 competitive age groups: 14 & ups, 11-13s, 9-10s, 7-8s and 6 & unders, corresponding to the age group divisions in the league.  A swimmer's competitive age is determined by their age on June 15th of the current year. Practice groups generally match these competitive age groups, but sometimes when we have one or more particularly large age groups additional pool time will be allotted and the group(s) split by skill level and experience.  Swimmers are expected to practice with their assigned group -- any exceptions must be approved by the Head Coach.  6 & unders should be able to swim freestyle with side breathing and swim the backstroke for 25 yards. 
SPRING WORKOUTSWe have 4 after-school age based practice groups: 6 & unders, 7-8s, 9-11s, 12 & ups.  These practices are included in your registration fees.  Practice Times

SUMMER SWIM WORKOUTS:  We have 5 age group practices this summer corresponding to the age groups above, with all 13 and older swimmers in one group. The first practice of the day is at 8am for the oldest age group, 13 and up and ends with the youngest group, 6 and under finishing at 1:20.   Afternoon supplemental practices are available for an additional fee. 

SUMMER DRYLAND WORKOUTS: Starting in mid-June, dryland workouts will be held every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the summer.  These 30 minute out of the water workouts are a great way to increase flexibility and cardio fitness in a dry setting!   Please encourage your swimmers to attend these workouts and bring tennis shoes. Check for times on the Practice Times page.

MINI STINGERS:   Our Mini Stinger program is aimed at beginning swimmers (generally under 6 years old) who are not yet able to participate in our Age Group workouts. Our minis will develop basic skills, participate in social activities, and have their own Park Mini Meet. Mini Stinger workouts begin after the rest of the swim team during the summer session only. Summer practices are held 4 days per week (M, T, TH, FR—no Wednesday practice). There are 3 sessions which start at 12:00, 12:30 and 1 PM.  There are no pre-or post- summer season workouts for Mini-Stingers. When appropriate your Mini will be encouraged to move up to the Age Group workouts and begin swimming in competitive meets.   
FALL SWIM TEAM PROGRAM:  Much like our Spring program, we also offer a Fall Swim Team Program which focuses on maximizing progress made during the summer season with smaller group settings and more individualized attention. 
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