Welcome, 2021 Orinda Park Pool Stingrays!

The Orinda Park Pool Stingrays are a three-season recreational swim team that practices from spring to fall. Our club proudly competes within the OMPA league. Learn more here.


Swimmer Data

INTRODUCTION:  There are several great tools available for tracking your swimmer's progress through the season.  We have our computer committee to thank for this convenience -- they work very hard all summer to ensure that swimmer data is correctly entered into both our Team Unify and OMPA league databases. The result of all this behind-the-scenes toil is that we all have 24-hour a day internet access to our swimmer's (and their rivals at other pool's) times.  Here are some detailed instructions on how to get started -- but be forewarned, it can be addictive...

TEAM UNIFY:  Your swimmer's times and the results of all our team's meets are accessible through our Team Unify website.  Log in and click on "My Meet Results" on the left vertical side bar.

OMPA DATABASE:  Our league website, www.ompaswim.com, provides access to league wide swimmer-data.  You will be able to make a range of queries on the cumulative times in the league for the current season and also have access to times going back to 2007. Results are generally posted to this database within 3 days of the meet.